General Contractors Do More Than Build New Homes

When you think about general contractors in Edmonton, you might think that they are the people to hire if you are interested in constructing a brand new home. Where a general contractor can assist in these major home building projects, they offer services for home renovations too. From small home upgrades to large-scale remodeling, a general contractor can help you create the perfect indoor or outdoor space in the home you already own.

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Renovationfind certified General contractors in Edmonton offer quality interior renovations like basement, bathroom and kitchen renovations, as well as exterior renovations like deck additions, fences and roofs. Though they do offer full contracting services for custom built homes, they share what a general contractor can do for your home renovation:

General contractors will help create a design plan for your home renovation.

Every project needs to start with a well-laid plan. Working with a designer, a general contractor will create a design plan for your renovation. This will include everything from the lay-out of the space, materials used and all of your finishing choices like countertops, back splash and wall colour. Having this plan will ensure your renovation moves along smoothly, runs on schedule and on budget. Learn how to design a kitchen.

General contractors will manage all aspects of the project.

If you are doing a renovation yourself, you will have to hire all of the specific trades that will be working in your home. That includes drywall companies, electricians, plumbers, finishing carpenters, painters and other trades. When you work with RenovationFind contractors, you can be sure that the trades will be managed for you and that they will come in and do the work required in the right order for your specific project.  If something goes wrong, it is up to the general contractor to make it right. This eliminates stress and can save you a lot of time.

General contractors can achieve high-quality, professional results.

Practice makes perfect and experienced general contractors have a lot of practice when it comes to planning, managing and executing home renovations. They are knowledgeable, ensuring the job is done right and are able to quickly troubleshoot if any issues come up. They are experienced, knowing how the job needs to be done, what materials work best and have the right tools and equipment to do it. You will be delighted as your project begins to take shape. Hiring a general contractor will ensure you are completely satisfied with the finished product.

General Contractors in Edmonton

RenovationFind Certified contractors aim to exceed expectations, as repeat customers and referrals are the foundation of their home renovation business. They desire to produce the best possible product for their clients and don’t believe in cutting corners. To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, they maintain open lines of communication with you — even after the project is complete. This means you get a general contractor who you can depend on and actually contact when needed.





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