Get an electrical inspection before selling your home

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Planning to sell your home? A buyer’s home inspection can turn up costly fixes at the worst time.

To avoid unwanted surprises, have your home electrical fully inspected by local electricians in Edmonton.

How We Can Help

When a potential buyer makes an offer, it’s usually followed by an inspection. If the inspection finds a long list of needed repairs, it can affect the final sales price and your bottom line. However, by being proactive and addressing potential problems in advance, you’ll be in a stronger negotiating position to close the deal on time.

Your local electricians in Edmonton at Blitz Electric recommend a few things to consider before listing your home.

Receptacles and Switches

If your home is more than 20 years old, consider replacing receptacles and switches. These can break down over time, leading to malfunctions and fire hazards.

You also need to ensure GFCI receptacles are one meter from your kitchen and bathroom sinks. And that your outdoor receptacles are properly spaced and installed. As an added bonus, new receptacles and switches offer a fresh, clean look to any room.

Your local electrician in Edmonton can quickly repair and replace receptacles to remove the headache before buyers and their inspectors come to look at your home.

Aluminum Wiring

If your home was built in the 1970s, there’s a good chance you have aluminum wiring. When exposed to oxygen, aluminum wiring and any connection points will oxidize and then corrode, becoming brittle. This creates a fire hazard, and can even affect the cost of home insurance.

But here’s the good news: your local electrician in Edmonton can install a quick and easy fix to enhance the safety of your home. It requires knowledge of these older wiring systems, and the right components, but a certified electrician can do the job without costly wall demolition or re-wiring.

Electrical Panel

If your home’s electrical panel is double tapped—meaning more than one wire going to a single breaker—or if wires are spliced, it’s a red flag to a home inspector. Your local electrician in Edmonton is trained to spot these issues and ensure the correct wire sizes are in place.

The type of panel can also be a warning to home inspectors. Federal Pioneer panels and breakers, for example, are now deemed unsafe and many inspectors recommend they be replaced. Replacing the panel on your own terms can yield cost savings. Our electricians here in Edmonton are ready to help.

Light Fixtures

Updating light fixtures not only improves the safety of your home, but can also significantly upgrade eye appeal and make a great first impression for potential buyers. Light fixtures can be a source of high heat, causing wires and sockets to become brittle over time. By changing lights and electrical components electricians in Edmonton can help you add value and boost your bottom line.

Don’t let pesky electrical issues or the home inspection slow down the sale of your home. Be proactive and have your local electrician in Edmonton recommend improvements that grant peace of mind and boost your sale price.

For more information or to book an electrical inspection with your local electrician in Edmonton, please call, text or email us at 780-965-1260 or

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