Get Even: 5 Remedies to Unbalanced Distribution of Cool Air in Your House

It’s not unusual, especially to homeowners, to encounter problems with their air-conditioning unit. The most common issue perhaps is the uneven distribution of cool air in the house. For sure, this problem can cause headaches and frustrations on your part. It’s because it prevents you to get that comfort and refreshing air that you need, especially when it’s summer months.


For you to solve this issue, it’s essential that you go to the root of the problem because more than likely it’s where you’ll find the remedy. For a little help, here’s a list of solutions that you can do to fix the cooling imbalance in your home.

Get a Better Insulation

One of the leading causes why your AC unit seems not working properly is due to poor insulation in your home. If your home has poor insulation, you can expect that there’ll be an uneven air conditioning in it.


A home that has better insulation, on the other hand, will enable the air coming from the AC unit to circulate in a particular room. In this case, you’ll not only get that sufficient air cooling, but you’ll also reduce your carbon footprints.

Toggle the Fan Switch to “On”

Probably you have a new air-conditioning unit, and you’re still getting familiar with its settings. As such, the benefit of the doubt is all yours. But you should make sure that after you know this useful info, you toggle the fan switch from “auto” to “on” position.


When you turn the fan switch on, you’ll allow the air from the AC unit to circulate the house, even though it has just finished its cooling cycle. On the other hand, when you toggle the fan switch to “auto” position, the fan will only focus on a section of the room that needs cooling the most.

Utilize Air Vents to Redirect Air



Talking about an air-conditioning imbalance, one of the factors to blame for this problem is the blocking of air vents around the house. Dirt and dust can clog air vents, so it’s vital that you do a vacuum cleaning around the AC unit regularly.


It will also do you good to redirect the air to a particular area of your home by opening an air vent from another portion of the house. As such, you can redirect the refreshing air to an area that also needs the same amount of air-conditioning.

Check Leaks and Clogs in the Duct System

The problem of uneven air circulation in the house may be due to a leak or clog in the ductwork system of your AC unit. Typically dust and dirt clogged in the ductwork system if not clean properly and regularly, or it can be that there are leaks in the duct system, making it hard for the air to get to its proper destination.


For you to fix this problem, you need to check your air-conditioning unit regularly. There are HVAC experts like the folks at that can help you fix the clogs and leaks in your AC unit so that you’ll not worry about uneven air distribution in your home no more.

Create a Zoning System


Even though you need to shell out money for the zoning system, it’s still one great solution to the imbalance air distribution problem. If you have a zoning system in your home, it will enable you to control the home cooling in particular areas of the house.


For the zoning system of your home, you need to call the services of a contractor to set up the different zones for the even distribution of air-conditioning. The zoning system will mainly depend on the size and interior layout of your house.


Air-conditioning is essential for you to live in comfort inside your house. However, it’s not unusual that you’ll encounter problems, especially to the sufficient distribution of cool air in your home. If you have this same issue, you can follow the tips mentioned above for you to fix it.









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