Get It: Use These Foolproof Color Schemes to Augment the Value of Your Home!

Besides doing repairs and renovation, you often get advice of slapping a new coat of paint before listing down your property for sale. Hence, you assume that a swift coat of regular paint will do wonders for your property on the market.


But a recent study says otherwise. It suggests that you might want to get a little bolder and go extra with using special effects painting for your property. Painting your home in cerulean, navy shades of blue and even slate could mean more bang for your bucks!

According to a Study

Zillow analyzed 32,000 photos taken from sold residential properties. The research found out that certain colours can either crimp or boost the selling price of your home.


The study uses specific variables such as the location, age of the home, the date of the transaction, and square footage, and location. These factors were compared to the selling prices of homes with colourful paint versus those with white walls.


According to Svenja Gudell, chief economist at Zillow, colour serves as a powerful tool to attract potential bidders and has a significant effect on the buyer’s decision. But of course, trends are ever-changing, that’s why it’s important to consider what are the most favourable hues among buyers.


Gudell also adds that attractive colours will help the buyers visualize themselves living in the space while monotonous colours, especially the darker ones, can put off buyers. So, should you leave your white dining room alone or repaint your kid’s blue bedroom? Let’s find out!

Blue or Gray Front Doors

It’s the front doors that stimulate the first impression on potential buyers. Homes with dark gray, navy blue, or charcoal painted door can earn a maximum of $1,514 for premium.


Hence, if you have a whitewashed front door, it’s about time that you give it a fresh coat of cool colours such as shades of blue.

For Living Room

If you’re planning to paint your living room green, think twice about it. Houses whose living rooms are painted with terracotta hues have $800 less selling value according to Zillow. Thus, if you want to sell your property higher, you can use light or dove gray hues which can amount to $1, 122 worth of  selling price for your home.


Home buyers are drawn to pale taupe, light beige, or oatmeal living rooms, and are most likely to reach $1,809 worth of premium for central living areas. The result is similar to the preceding year, where light-grey neutrals are the top choices of paint shades for living rooms.

For Kitchen

When it comes to kitchens, the obvious choice to paint is an immaculate white shade as it looks clean and utilitarian. However, painting a kitchen white will not increase its selling value.


As a matter of fact, off-white kitchen sells for $82 less. Using a white shade for your kitchen creates an unwelcoming and cold appeal to home buyers. On the contrary, sticking to neutral and creamy tones of blue or yellow increases the selling value of your home for as much as $1, 809 for average premium.

For Bedroom

Among the spaces in your house, a bedroom is the most personal which make it difficult to ward off your opinions when it comes to choosing the ideal paint colours. It’s worth to note that liking a colour does not necessarily mean you will like it when it’s all over the walls of your room.


You might have the notion that painting a bedroom with something dark such as brown will lend it a relaxing and cozy. You’re in for a big mistake! Bedrooms painted in dark brown have lesser sales value compared to those with vibrant and fresh shades such as khaki or green which could sell for as much as $1,300.

For Bathroom

According to Zillow, painting purple or blue hues to your bathroom will give you the best sales return for your property. Shades such as periwinkle and powder blue are ideal for powder rooms as well which could skyrocket your home’s selling value up to $5,440.


There’s a gamut of factors that come into play once you decide to sell your home. Other than repairs, renovation and maintenance, colour is an essential variable that you need to take into consideration. Hence, a can of paint can be a wise investment if you’re trying to sell your home. So long as you pick the ideal colour. And of course, keep in mind the reminders above before heading to a paint store.


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