Get the most out of your handyman services

Most people looking for handyman services typically start with only one project in mind. Then, once the handyman’s time is booked, homeowners often realize they may have other things that need fixing. This can turn a simple quote for a single job into something more complicated and expensive.

In this article, MyHoneyDoList in Edmonton explains how they can save you money with their packaged services.

A La Carte or a Packaged Deal? compares buying packaged handyman services to taking advantage of packaged deals at the mechanic. When you take your vehicle to the mechanic, choosing a package offers greater value because instead of separately paying to fix your brakes and do an oil change, package deals tend to be better options as more services will already be included. In other words, you’ll get a lot more done at an all-inclusive price.

The same can apply to packaged handyman services. That’s why decided to package them: it makes it easier for clients to take advantage of handyman work in many areas of their homes without feeling the pinch of being charged for each separate item.

Make the most of paid time.

In MyHoneyDoList’s many years of experience in the handyman industry, they’ve noticed that homeowners typically either require help only for one very specific job or, more often than not, they have other things that need servicing as well. So they usually can benefit from a packaged deal approach.  This is because most of their clients realize that, while they’re already paying for a skilled professional to work on their property, they might as well make the best use of it and get more done.

As a result, they end up with a list of jobs for their handyman. MyHoneDoList’s pricing structure was designed exactly with that in mind, to provide transparent, no-nonsense pricing for their clients for the best value. It’s a pricing structure based on distinct time frames instead of separate services.

Package Options that cover all the bases

At, they offer three packages to clients. This eliminates the complication of assigning prices to the many services offered while providing the best value to customers. This way, regardless of the services you need, you can find a package option that’s right for you.

Their first package provides a half-hour of service for a quick, specific job. Their second package offers a half-day of handyman services. Clients who have a job requiring 3-4 hours of work, or maybe a handful of more minor issues that need attending to, can opt for this package. Last but certainly not least, provides a full day of service for longer lists or bigger jobs. With options two and three, clients can feel free to fill in service time with as many jobs as possible without worrying about pricing. It’s very liberating!

Handyman Services in Edmonton has been offering handyman services in Edmonton since 2017. The company’s owner comes to the construction industry with a wide range of experience that began when he was a teenager, working for his Dad’s construction company and, through the years, expanded into other areas, including the military and Shaw/Telus work, culminating with computer-assisted drafting for home design.

As a result, provides clients with a comprehensive list of services, including framing, drywalling and painting services, as well as plumbing and electrical repairs and HVAC/HRV essential maintenance. Other services include all sorts of odd jobs, fixing decks, fences, gates, and much more!

Contact MyHoneyDoList today! You’ll be glad you did!

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