Getting Estimates For Your Exterior Paint Job

Giving your home an exterior paint job has many benefits. You can completely transform your worn, drab or dated exterior into a fresh, attractive and modern one. The new coat of paint will help protect your home against the elements and with a new-and-improved curb appeal, you will increase your home’s resale value.

Before & after shots of an exterior paint job by Elite Trade Painting.

If you’re considering painting your home, you should be careful on hiring the right painting contractor for the job. There are a lot of ‘painters’ out there on the internet but hiring a RenovationFind Certified and reputable painting company like Elite Trade Painting in Edmonton will ensure your exterior paint job is done properly and that it will last for years to come. Here are some tips for hiring a good painting company:

The cheapest estimate is not the best estimate.

If you get a lower-than-average quote, it probably means that company is inexperienced and using cheap paint and materials. A reputable painting company will give you an estimate that is competitive with the industry, and when you pay a little more for quality work, you will have better results and a paint job that won’t peel away on you.

Who, exactly, will be working on your home?

A cheap estimate might also mean that it is a one-man show or that they’re hiring sub-contractors to help with the project. How can you be sure that everyone working on your home is experienced, trained, licensed, insured or even  trustworthy? You want a company that has screened and trained employees working for them. Hiring Elite Trade Painting means that experienced, reliable and invested professionals will be working on your exterior paint job.

Does a cheap quote mean cheap products?

When it comes to paint and primer, there is a massive difference between the low-cost cheap products and the premium-grade products. The cheaper materials often require more coats, will fade quicker in the sun and will have a much shorter lifespan. Cheap products will mean you will have to re-paint your home sooner than later, costing more money in the long run.

How much time is spent preparing your home to paint.

Always ask a painting company how they plan on preparing your home’s exterior for painting and how long they think it will take. Inexperienced, cheaper painters will want to finish the project quickly, so they can cash out and move onto the next one. That means they might skip out on preparing the walls properly to be painted. Even if they use quality materials, your paint job will not last if the surface is dirty or damaged. Elite Trade Painting will take the time to properly prepare your exterior for painting. Learn how to prepare exterior wood for painting.

Hiring Reputable Painters in Edmonton

When you hire a professional painting company, you are hiring experience, knowledge and accountability. Elite Trade Painting is licenced and insured, offering a team of skilled professionals to work on your project. They will give you a clear, competitive and fair estimate for your interior or exterior paint job and will ensure that all the proper preparation work is taken care of before they even dip a brush.

For better quality, workmanship and service, contact the pros at Elite Trade Painting today!


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