Getting more from a tiny kitchen

You’ve found the perfect home for you and your family. It’s in a neighbourhood you love, it has the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms and a lovely, private backyard. The only problem is that the kitchen is very small. Don’t fret, with a creative kitchen remodel and determination you can make the most of your tiny kitchen. Here’s how:

Install roll-out drawers in the cabinets.

Roll-out drawers allow you to better organize your dishes, appliances and other kitchen stuff in minimal cabinet space. Instead of stacking and cramming things way in the back and having to move everything out to reach what you need, you can simply roll the shelf out and there it is! Smart organization and using these useful innovations can double or triple your kitchen’s functional storage space. Learn how to install a pull-out kitchen shelf.

Keep countertop appliances stored elsewhere.

If it’s something you don’t use every day like the coffee maker, don’t waste your limited counterspace for storage. In fact, if you rarely use an appliance, you don’t even have to store it in the kitchen at all. Things like blenders, mixers and electric griddles can be put in a storage room in the basement. So, you’ll have to walk downstairs to get the mixer once or twice a month when you bake, but that’s no big deal and you’ll make the most of your counterspace and kitchen cabinet storage space the rest of the time.

Go light with cabinets and wall colour.

Dark cabinets and dark wall colour in a small kitchen can make the space feel even smaller than it already is. If you have dark cabinets, consider cabinet refinishing during your kitchen remodel in Calgary. That is when you paint the cabinet doors, drawer fronts and other exposed panels. It can completely rejuvenate the space and if your current cabinets are dark, it will make the room feel more spacious too.

Consider glass cabinet doors.

If you can keep your dishes and things organized, refacing your cabinet doors with doors glass doors can also open the room up. Your eyes will automatically go to the back of the cabinets, giving it another two feet or so of space. If you’re worried about showing clutter, stick with solid wood doors. Kitchen renovation contractors can help you decide what the best kitchen cabinet solution is for your specific needs.

Get rid of the knife block and utensil jar.

A knife block and utensil jar can take up prime real estate on your little countertop. Instead, install a magnetic knife block on the wall. Not only is it practical, it will also give your kitchen a modern look. Utensils can be hung off hooks or a rail attached to the bottom of your upper cabinets, freeing up more space on the counter.

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