Getting Ready for Spring Lawn Care

Even though the calendar says it’s spring, one look out the window and we know different, so what can one do to prepare for spring to arrive when it comes to the yard itself?

If you applied your fall fertilizer then you can wait for the grass to green up sooner than your neighbor who may not have been so diligent with lawn care.

We take this time of year to accomplish several things and all are important on their own.

Prune trees and shrubs.

First we cut back any shrubs that can be and should be rejuvenated, this is a great time to tend to that task as when they pop from dormancy they will be vibrant in colour (as in dogwoods) and have greater growth. Dogwoods, Lilacs & Cottoneaster all do well with this procedure.

We like doing tree & shrub work in the colder months for a variety of reasons. There are no leaves, insects, diseases or bugs to deal with during colder months. The trees & shrubs are also very visible in their form so it is easier to see the dead, damaged or diseased parts of a plant, so it’s much easier to deal with during this season.

Time to aerate.

Thirdly we would if need be Aerate at this time and we do this to deal with compaction in the turf.  I’m certain you see the guys in your neighbourhood selling aeration services every spring as though it’s the do or die treatment for the yard, well bonkers.  You aerate the lawn if you have major compaction during the year or two years. I am usually only person on a clients lawn so there is no need to aerate every spring.

De-thatch the lawn.

Second when ground has appropriately thawed to the desired depth we would de-thatch via a lawn-comb or a sweeper broom system, we use what is best for lawn so as not to damage plant.  This rids the property of dead grass, leaves and debris that has accumulated over winter months, we leave a thin layer of thatch on the turf to protect the plants crown.  Then we’d cut & bag the lawn to prepare it for the remainder of the steps.

Fertilize and seed.

Fourth we would then over-seed the lawn with a compost mixture packed with nutrients and appropriate grass seed to replenish and rejuvenate the turf.

Fifth step would be to roll the lawn with a water filled roller so that the seed and compost make contact, the seed is mixed into the compost but this is a precaution. We use a compost to over-seed & not soil due to the fact compost will retain moisture longer than soil & the aim is to build the turf lawn up using species that would prove to be resistant to drought & disease.

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