Getting the most out of any kitchen design

A well-designed kitchen is a central part of your home’s layout and function, whether the kitchen is big or small. The right kitchen design will improve the function, aesthetics, value, and personal enjoyment of the space. If you’re not sure where to start on your kitchen renovation, general contractors in Ottawa like NRD Construction can help. Here are some tips:

Leave space for two

Even if there is only one avid chef in your household, don’t design the kitchen for single use. Narrow walkways through the kitchen will lead to unwanted stress and poor function in the future. Instead, plan kitchen renovations in Ottawa with enough space to allow two people to pass comfortably while using the kitchen.

Pathways can include the distance between two countertops, the area around the kitchen island, or the path leading to the kitchen. If you have doors, make sure they don’t open into where people walk and cause a potential block. Likewise, make sure there is room to walk around and pull out the chairs easily around a table or any seating around an island.

Island and countertop function

Add features to your kitchen that fit how you personally plan to use the space. For example, if your family likes to socialize in the kitchen, a spacious kitchen island with seating will accommodate that lifestyle. On the other hand, maybe you love baking or hosting large dinners; in that case, a spacious countertop makes the most sense. An L-shaped kitchen may also make sense to allow room to move around the kitchen efficiently and have plenty of countertop space to work. 

Pantry storage

Having a pantry is becoming another staple in kitchens, but it also requires planning. Will the pantry be the primary source of storage in your kitchen or just a complimentary space? What will you store in the pantry? For example, will it be appliances or canned goods and other food? The location is another thing to consider, whether part of the kitchen or just outside the layout. These are things you’ll discuss with NRD Construction when planning your kitchen renovation. They’ll ensure your approved design accommodates the storage you need, including a pantry. 

Work within your height

Ceiling height cabinets may look stylish, but can you access them? Likewise, a wall-mounted microwave shelf that is too high to easily place and reach food isn’t functional. Think about your needs before focusing on elevating all your storage and appliances. If you’re not comfortable using a step-stool, renovating to age in place or improving accessibility, there are ways to balance function with style.

Depth is another matter to consider as you don’t lose glasses or pots and pans that are too far back in your cabinet. Clever storage solutions, like slide-out shelving, can help with deep cabinets, but a contractor can help with the fine measurements. They’ll ensure your kitchen renovations in Ottawa make the most of the space in your kitchen without sacrificing accessibility.

Contact NRD Construction to start planning your kitchen renovation!

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