Going solar in Edmonton is accessible and affordable

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Solar power systems in Edmonton have exponentially decreased in price over the past few decades. The price drop is primarily due to decreased cost of module manufacturing and advancements in efficiency. Costs are still declining with savings from improved component design optimizing installation efficiency but are plateauing compared to the extreme decreases in the last decades. The upfront costs to install solar PV have never been better.

Why choose NuSolar?

NuSolar is a solar panel company in Edmonton with vast experience in the Albertan solar industry. In the last decade, the number of solar installations has drastically increased. From 2010-2015 the solar industry grew by 168%. NuSolar played a role in this expansion and our members have been present in the solar industry throughout the entire growth period.

Including schooling, each owner has nearly ten years of personal experience in the solar and electrical industry. That’s two decades of combined experience. We have completed the design, procurement, and installation of hundreds of systems & thousands of kilowatts.

Our genuine and creditable team comprises certified journeyman electricians and renewable energy technologists (each owner is both). We rejoice in our ethical relationships with key industry members and past clients. Our resources and knowledge base allow us to provide innovative solar solutions that are economical, highly efficient, and eco-friendly.

We are a local, honest, and hardworking small business. We have a persistant on continuous improvement, attention to detail, quality workmanship, and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to preserve and protect this beautiful planet, along with our customer’s pocketbooks.

Solar more accessible than ever before

Civilizations shift to sustainable energy sources is being accelerated with governmental financial support. This support is given through rebates and property linked funding programs. The City of Edmonton is a true leader in this. They offer the City of Edmonton solar rebate program and are the host for the pilot project for the new Clean Energy Improvement Program, said to be starting later in 2021. There are also many programs for schools and municipalities in Alberta administered by the MCCAC.

The latest Albertan funding program for emissions reductions (Emission Reduction Alberta – ERA) was launched on February 2nd. This funding program could cover up to 25% of solar installation costs for eligible businesses! Check out our website for a full listing of the rebates available www.nusolar.biz.

Alberta is an excellent location for solar power

Solar is one of the most deployable sustainable energy technologies and can be installed almost anywhere with access to sunlight. Other renewable technologies require long, extravagant site assessments to determine if the location is suitable. Solar also requires nearly no on-going maintenance and has no moving parts. Simply keeping an eye on the online production monitoring to ensure the system performs as expected is sufficient. Most reputable manufactures have product warranties for 25 years. If any components fail, it is simple to diagnose from the online monitoring. The equipment will be replaced under warranty with a possible minor labor cost to replace the failed equipment (if the failure occurs outside our standard labor warranty period).

Alberta is one of the best solar PV locations in the world (up to 50% better than Germany). We receive up to 320 days and 2,340 hours of sunlight per year! The majority of that energy is available and produced in the summer, but solar modules are most efficient when cold. Like most electronics, solar modules heat up in operation. Our cool, clear-skied days are the best conditions for solar production. Snow cover does cause some production losses. However, as the array heats up, it gradually melts and clears the snow. The steeper the roof, the faster the snow clears. The NAIT ALTE program has completed studies on the results of snow losses on a reference array. For a standard 4/12 pitch roof, a 16.92% loss is expected in the winter months, equating to only a 4.70% loss per year.

Begin your solar journey

With all these factors pointing toward going solar, the question is no longer why but when. We are extremely proud and motivated by the stewardship shown by solar owners and adopters. Especially our customers with who we have shared this remarkable experience. As the good people of the world take action, the world will change for the better. So please take action! Spread the word & make a difference!

At NuSolar, we pride ourselves on operating with integrity, ingenuity, and honour. It would be our pleasure and privilege to assist with your solar project. If you are interested in having a free solar proposal/appraisal completed for your home or business, please reach out to us. We are excited to work with you and help you begin your solar journey! Learn more about solar panels in Edmonton.

NuSolar – The Future of Energy

What’s next for the solar industry? Stay tuned to see in our next blog post!


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