Great accessories to consider for your eavestroughs

Eavestroughs are a small but mighty part of your home that helps direct water away from your home. Unfortunately, they also collect leaves, snow, and ice that would cause damage to a poor gutter system. That’s why a few extra accessories can help strengthen your eavestroughs and protect your home. 

Valiant Exteriors in Calgary provides professional exterior renovation services and specializes in eavestroughs. They share some of their eavestrough accessories that can better protect or benefit your home:

Added protection

Clogged gutters during the fall are a messy and unwanted issue that many homeowners have to face. Keeping those gutters clean is essential to keep your home safe from water damage and mould. In the winter, melting snow can lead to ice dams which will cause damage to your shingles and roof. Gutter protection, which includes mesh screens, foam filters, and simple grilles, prevents those issues. A professional can help you choose the right gutter protection system to protect your home perfectly.


The water that does run down the downspout on your eavestrough will have to go somewhere at the bottom. If your spout is too close to your home, there’s the risk of the water causing soil erosion and potential damage to your home. That’s where extensions or longer gutters come in handy. Downspout extensions help carry any water further away from your home’s foundation. The extension can be installed above ground or trenched below the surface for a more discreet style. Otherwise, longer gutters that range from 5″ to 6″ can be installed to fit the size of your home.

Rain barrels

Rather than letting all that rainwater flow away, why not collect it and put it to good use? Calgary’s average rainfall can fill a typical 45-gallon rain barrel 20 times. The rainwater can then be reused for a garden, which will also help cut down on monthly water bills. Even if you don’t need the water right away, it can be stored and used for later. In addition, collecting the excess water will keep your foundation and soil safe from any erosion, so it’s a multi-beneficial addition.  

De-icing cables

Ice dams form after a heavy snowfall that melts and freezes along the roof’s edges. The roof heating up happens when there is poor insulation in the attic. An ice dam can build up in weight and damage or tear off the gutters and force water back into your home if left alone. That’s where heating cables installed in the gutters, pipes, or along the shingles will prevent any ice buildup. The cables can be left plugged in year-round to always have peace of mind.

Eavestroughs in Calgary

Valiant Exteriors helps protect your home starting from the outside. They began in siding, soffit, and fascia installation and have since moved into restoration and renovation support. With their expertise and dedication to quality results and help, you can always rely on their team to keep your home safe.

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