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Part of running your place of business is keeping up on cleaning and maintenance. Hiring a commercial cleaning company is a must, but not all cleaning companies are created equal. You want a company that offers detailed estimates, customizable cleaning packages, good scheduling, reliability and quality work. While these are all very important things to look for in a commercial or office cleaning company, have you considered the benefits of environmentally-friendly cleaning practices?

All Seasons Commercial Cleaning Ltd. in Edmonton is a full-service commercial cleaning company. They offer business owners and property managers reliable, high-quality, worry-free commercial cleaning, but they also offer an eco-friendly cleaning solution.

What are eco-friendly cleaning services?

Green cleaning services use cleaning methods and products that are specifically designed to protect both human health and environmental impact. That means no toxic chemicals are used, which means no bothersome odour or hazardous fumes will be in the air. That also means no harmful toxins are being released into the ecosystem.  Reducing waste and toxic emissions provides a safer environment for your employees and clients, without compromising the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

Why is green cleaning important?

As mentioned, the use of harsh cleaning chemicals can create poor air quality and pose health concerns for you, your staff, clients and for your cleaners too. For example, one of the most common ingredients in typical commercial cleaning products is called Tricolsan. This chemical acts like poison to those who suffer from respiratory issues like asthma.

When you commit to eco-friendly cleaning you will get better air quality at the workplace, reduce sickness amongst workers and the costs associated with that, work in a healthier environment and reduce water and air pollution too. It’s win-win for you, your employees and the planet. Read 10 reasons to start green cleaning today.

Eco-friendly cleaning services from All Seasons Commercial Cleaning.

All Seasons Commercial Cleaning offers green cleaning solutions that are free from chemically reactive and toxic ingredients that are known to cause harm to the respiratory system and to skin upon contact, as well as the environment. They are committed to recycling and reducing the use of things like paper towels or other single-use cleaning products. Instead, they use things like microfiber clothes, which can be cleaned and reused.

They use high-quality non-toxic, biodegradable and naturally sourced cleaning products. These products are better for human health, can improve air quality and are much better for the environment too. All their staff have received training to use and handle eco-friendly cleaning products and tools, as well as cleaning methods that meet industry standards.

Commercial Cleaning in Edmonton

If you need cleaning services for your workplace, office, institution or condo building, choose All Seasons Commercial Cleaning. They offer comprehensive services for all aspects of your commercial space and are ready to create a customized cleaning service specific to your needs.

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