Hand-in-hand benefits: eavestrough care and mitre corners

Every part of your roof plays an essential role in protecting your home. Eavestroughs play a key role in catching and redirecting rainwater away from your home, helping prevent costly water damage. With the right installation and proper upkeep, your eavestrough will provide even more benefits and security.

Let It Flow Exteriors provides quality exterior services including eavestroughs, soffits and fascia, siding, and faux stone. They share the benefits of both mitre corners and proper eavestrough care:

Importance of preventative maintenance and repair

With the right upkeep and repairs, eavestroughs provide essential protection for your home. They help bring water and melted snow away from your home and when maintained properly, add value to your property. Clean them regularly and trim away overhanging tree branches as preventative maintenance to help keep eavestroughs in top condition. Hire professionals to do regular checks and repairs, since this will also extend their lifespan. Invest in other measures, such as a leaf guard, for further, long-term protection. The guard prevents debris build-up, which in turn lower the risk of damage and ensures a long lifespan.

If neglected, issues such as leaks, cracks in the foundation, water damage and soil erosion can occur. Not only are these dangerous problems, but they also affect the safety and value of your home. Don’t let repairs such as these escalate into more costly situations if they can be prevented with proactive maintenance.

Common eavestrough problems

When problems with your eavestrough occur, always deal them with as soon as possible. Sagging eavestroughs, in particular, add extra weight to the roof that can damage fascia boards. The issue is likely caused by a clog, which can easily be fixed by clearing the gutters. Leaks are another common problem but can just as easily expand and worsen if not fixed. Still, if a patched hole reoccurs, it is more cost-effective to replace the eavestrough, especially if it’s older. Low spots are another issue that can occur when water comes to a standstill. A professional can easily fix this by adjusting the height of the gutters to let the water-free. Check out these other simpler DIY fixes that homeowners can handle, to help maintain your eavestrough.

Go for mitre-corners

If your eavestrough is simply old or past repairing, it’s a worthwhile investment to replace it. Take the opportunity to also upgrade to mitred corners, which offer many more benefits over pre-made factory corners. Because mitre-corners do not need joints to keep together, their design is referred to as being seamless. Mitre-corners have tabs that can either be installed on the outside or the inside and then secured with screws. Let It Flow Exteriors are one of the only companies that install them on the inside, creating a flawless appearance similar to picture frame corners. This smooth connection will lend to a crisper and cleaner overall appearance for an aesthetic boost to your home. Practically, as well, it makes mitre-corners less prone to leaks or serious debris clogs thanks to their single-seam design.

Still, mitre-corners are harder to install that pre-made factory corners, so leave the installations to the professionals. With the right skills and experience, they’ll ensure a flawless installation. Plus, the investment into quality work will pay off with years of benefits.

Eavestroughs in Edmonton

As a family-owned and operated business, Let It Flow Exteriors prides themselves on their customer care. They guarantee each job is completed with only the highest quality of services and products. From installations to preventative systems such as leaf guard or protection against animals and debris, they offer it all. Whatever your exterior home needs may be, Let It Flow Exteriors is the company to call.

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