Handyman restoration fix vs restoration contractor repair

Knowing who to call when something goes wrong is the first step in destressing an already stressful problem. When it’s a long list of to-do tasks or minor damage around the home, then a handyman can easily tackle the job. But when the work is about restorations, like cracked floors or water damage, do you still call a handyman? Or a restoration contractor?

Here is when a handyman can handle the problem and when a restoration contractor should:

Small restorations and fixes: handyman approved 

Unfortunately, any floor, wall or piece of furniture will eventually fall prey to signs of wear and tear. Whether a nick in the drywall, scratches on the floor or faded furniture, it’s a consequence of everyday living. Depending on the degree of damage, it may require a replacement, but it also may not. When the damage is on the smaller end, then a handyman can easily tackle the job. Instead of throwing out furniture or replacing whole floors, a handyman will likely be able to do the repairs and make everything look new again.

The benefits of hiring a handyman to tackle restorations early on also mean that the problem won’t worsen. Proactive maintenance and repairs not only keep your home’s value at its best but also helps avoid problems worsening. Cracks in floors or countertops can spread or invite water damage, while replacing furniture can easily be a costly task. Read about other home maintenance that pays to keep on top of.

Major restorations and fixes: restoration contractor 

In the event of more serious damage resulting from fire, water or mould, it’s better to call a restoration contractor. These contractors focus solely on handling and stopping serious damage and helping in the after repairs and clean up. A restoration contractor will also advise you about the damage, such as what can be salvaged and what needs to be replaced. They will also have specific tools for the clean-up, such as removing any lingering smoke or absorbing all water.

If the damage is severe enough for insurance companies to be involved, then a restoration contractor will handle it for you. The biggest difference to keep in mind is that a handyman can cover expected or known damage, while a restoration contractor is there to handle the unexpected damage.

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