Have you had your home MoJo’d yet?

Do you want to give your home a whole new look but are having trouble seeing the big picture? Whether you have some great ideas or are not sure where to start, hiring a professional and experienced interior design firm like MoJo Design Inc. in Edmonton will help you realize or visualize the finished project and bring that vision to life.

Interior Design Services

interior designer Edmonton

The initial design process is a critical step for any major home renovation. Having a well laid out plan and a clear vision of how you want the project to turn out will help the people doing the work achieve those goals more accurately. It’s an opportunity for you to put your personal touch on your home and with the help of MoJo,  you know that your expectations will be met and often exceeded!

MoJo Design Inc. offers full interior design services for home renovations, contractors looking for a designer to work with their clients, realtors looking to sell a home or a home builder looking for expert designers to participate in their larger projects.  They can help with everything from interior design and decorating, project management of renovations, home staging to floor and space planning, choosing features like countertops, cabinets, flooring, window coverings, furniture and more!

Every project is different. Some projects might require hours of planning, drawing and sourcing while others might be as simple as choosing the perfect wall colour. That’s why MoJo Design Inc. offers per job services as well as hourly design consultation services so all jobs, big and small, will receive the same professional attention at the most appropriate price.

MoJo Box

The MoJo Box is their signature design solution and an innovative way to help you visualize your project before construction even begins! Digital renderings, virtual space planning, story boards and physical samples will bring a 360-degree concept to life. It’s perfect for those who have trouble imagining the end-results of a major renovation project.  This service includes digital renderings and drawings, floor plans, product samples, design concepts, colour choices, plus warranties and product specifications applicable to your project.

Home Staging

Home staging is when you prepare and showcase your residential or commercial property for sale. Components of staging might include cleaning, de-cluttering, updating and repairing things around the property as well as arranging furniture, accessories, art and lighting in a way that is most appealing. Having your home professionally staged will make it more attractive to home seekers, resulting in more showings and better offers. Your home will look move-in-ready and will sell faster in a slow real estate market.

When preparing a property for sale, MoJo Designs Inc. will include a detailed walk through of your home and provide a to-do list, allowing the home owner to DIY their own staging after receiving some expert advice. They will also stage the home for you using your existing furniture as well as source and rent furniture and accessories to better stage your home. MoJo Design Inc. can help stage both owner-occupied and vacant properties.

Professional Interior Design in Edmonton

The team of professional interior designers in Edmonton at MoJo Design Inc. are equipped with extensive industry knowledge, experience and a passion for design. They can take a simple idea and create a custom design plan for any home renovation, new home build or home staging project.

Contact MoJo Design Inc. and book your consultation!


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