Hazards You Need to Worry About at Home

Many people think that their home is the safest place on earth; it’s not. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. If you’re not careful, there are a variety of hazards your home can be affected by. These hazards can make your home inhabitable and even lead to loss of life.

Unless you want your house to burn down like this, beware of hazards!

Here are the most common hazards you need to look for in your home.

1. Gas leaks

Gas leaks can occur due to several reasons, ranging from faulty gas appliances to poor pipework. The most common reasons are given below:

  • Some of the most common sources of gas leaks are old appliances. This happens due to corrosion of connecting pipes.
  • Faulty piping is also a major cause.Over time, the pipes break off or lose their seals, resulting in leakage of gas.
  • Poor ventilation is one of the primary reasons for a gas leak. Malfunctioning exhausts are to be blamed for this. They cause clogging of chimneys leading to the emission of carbon monoxide,which is odorless and can directly cause a person to die.

The damage caused by a gas leak can be huge, even to the extent of loss of life. Since gas is highly combustible by nature, it is necessary to filter it properly. If misused, there is always a risk of it accidentally igniting causing a fire or explosion, and loss of life.

2. Short circuits

Today, the causes for many fires hazards have often been blamed on short circuits for good reason.

A short circuit arises due to the hot wire (black) coming in contact with a neutral wire (white). A break of wire in the circuit can also be a cause for short circuit.

Diagnosing a short circuit is not easy because it can arise due to a change in wiring or due to something that you have plugged into an outlet. Since short circuits have low resistance, currents with a stronger flow cause overheating of the wires.

Just like gas leaks, short circuits are hazardous. If mishandled,they can cause severe damage to components and devices, electrical shocks, or even cause fire to breakout. This is also one of the reasons why most electrical systems released today are equipped with fuses, circuit breakers, and similar safety devices.

3. Water leaks

Most home owners never take water leaks seriously. Damp walls, trickles on the ceiling, or even unexpected small puddles are all signs of a water leak. Water leaks eventually compromise the structural integrity of your home. They cause rot in the wood and rust in the metal beams. The worst part is that because water pipes are inside walls, home owners never realize until it’s too late.

If you and your family want to live safely inside your home, you must watch out for these hazards. A home inspection is good way to ensure that your home is safe and sound from hazards.

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