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If you’re renovating your home, the kitchen is an excellent place to start. A professional kitchen renovation will improve aesthetics, function and lifestyle. Kitchen renovations have one of the highest returns of investment for interior renovations. Updating your kitchen will boost resale value and create a kitchen you’ll love being in.

E.S. Services Ltd. in Edmonton offers a complete suite of residential renovation services. Here are some tips and considerations for your kitchen renovation.


Consider creating an open concept kitchen layout if you’re doing a major remodel. Opening up the kitchen allows for better flow and connection between rooms. It will also provide space for that beautiful kitchen island you’ve always wanted.

Removing walls is possible, and E.S. Services can inspect your home and let you know if they can do so. Installing a structural beam along the ceiling is necessary if load-bearing walls come out. If it is not possible to remove walls in your home, E.S. Services’ design team can present other options for opening the space.


Current kitchen trends see expansive countertops and kitchen islands, giving optimal space to work and prepare food. Great choices for kitchen countertops include granite, engineered quartz, and stainless steel. These options are attractive, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. These options also allow for under-mount sinks, a popular addition to modern kitchens.


For kitchen lighting, you should have ambient and task lighting. Modern LED recessed light fixtures will provide energy-efficient illumination and look great too. Choose a pendant light fixture that matches your design style for over the kitchen island for task lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is also a typical and helpful addition. It provides ample task lighting while working at the counter and a cozy ambiance too. Read more about how to plan kitchen lighting.


A thoughtful electrical plan for your kitchen will ensure you have the outlets and switches required for comfortable daily use. For example, you might want to install additional outlets to plug in small appliances along the counter. You can also install USB outlets and create a tucked-away charging station for your phones and devices.

It is worth having E.S. Services check your electrical panel and service if you have an older home. Depending on its capacity and your new appliances, you might consider upgrading your panel. If you’ve noticed that your circuit breaker trips when using multiple appliances at the same time, it means that the circuit doesn’t have enough capacity. An upgrade will ensure things run safely and that you have the electricity required to operate everything you need.

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E.S. Services Ltd. has a team of reliable contractors and tradespeople that create a full-service renovation company you can trust. They offer innovative design solutions, quality workmanship, and a stress-free renovation experience. If you’re renovating your home, start planning with E.S. Services Ltd.

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