Helping you plan your dream home renovation

A home renovation can modernize your space, improving function, value, convenience, and aesthetics. Whether renovating the kitchen, bathroom or remodelling your entire home, the first step is creating a design plan.

A.E.C. Edmonton is a general contractor that offers commercial and residential renovation services. They share how they can help you plan your dream home renovation.

All your ideas, in a one flawless design plan

A quality contractor will help you through the design process, listening to and discussing your ideas and goals. They can help you decide your ‘must-haves’ for the renovation, providing expert advice on layouts, products, and design schemes. In addition, an experienced contractor can make suggestions that will help you cut costs and boost efficiency.

Having a detailed design plan is vital to the success of any major home renovation. It acts as a roadmap for the contractors working on your project. With everyone understanding the end goal, you ensure collaboration, effective installations, and results how you imagined them.

Product access and knowledge

An advantage of working with an experienced company like A.E.C. Edmonton. is their access to a vast range of products. Unlike other companies, they do not have ties to specific building products. That means they can recommend a wide variety of products and materials, ensuring you get the best for your project. In addition, they have good relationships with suppliers. As a result, they can help you find quality products for your renovation at the right price. Read more about building materials to consider for your home.

Project management start to finish

Sometimes planning a significant home remodel can feel like an ongoing process, and in a way, it is! An experienced project manager will always be thinking ahead to the next step, planning and preparing for it. They’ll schedule and manage all the trades that will work on your home, ensuring every stage of the renovation gets done when it needs to. They’ll also keep you in the loop so you understand the process and see progress as it moves from one stage to the next. Having a general contractor take care of this aspect of the renovation will give you peace of mind knowing a professional is taking care of it.

General Contractors in Edmonton

A.E.C. Edmonton is a full-service renovation company with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. When planning your home project, they’ll provide straightforward and uncomplicated advice. They’ll help answer all your questions, keep you fully informed through the process, and ensure your home renovation adds value to your property.

Ready to renovate? Contact A.E.C. Edmonton today!  

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