High return kitchen and bathroom renovations

Kitchen renovations and bathroom remodels have two of the highest return on investment compared to other interior home improvements. Why? Well, kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most used rooms in the house. Especially kitchens, which are considered the very heart of the home. Having a newly renovated kitchen and bathrooms can improve your home’s resale value.

A survey conducted by this real estate consulting firm showed that buyers are interested in modern and traditional kitchens and bathrooms. There are some fun design elements that could improve resale value more than others. Elite Kitchens Inc. in Edmonton shares more:

Simply white.

All white kitchens remain very popular with homeowners and home buyers too. Clean lines and edges, streamlined and modern fixtures can do wonders for the typical dated kitchen. White cabinets are the biggest component of the space. If you don’t have the budget for new cabinetry, consider cabinet refacing instead. Replacing the cabinet doors, drawer fronts and exposed panels can completely transform the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

Back to nature.

Natural surfaces and colour schemes are also popular in kitchen and bath renovations. That includes using real wood finishes in the cabinets or countertops. Some homeowners are even choosing wood for a backsplash or feature wall, using natural stone or engineer quartz for the countertops. These natural finishes will give the space a modern, relaxing look. You’ll love it and future buyers will love it too.

Use texture in the finishes.

Texture can add real dimension to the room. You can do this with a textured, tile backsplash up against a sleek, clean countertop surface. If your bathroom or kitchen is primarily one shade, adding a pop of colour in the backsplash or in another smaller, design feature can add an aesthetically pleasing dimension.

Never forget about function.

The aesthetics of a space is important, but never forget to renovate for function! Beauty quickly fades if you’re completely frustrated with how the space actually works for you (or against you). Think about daily life. Will your new renovation make daily life easier? Add storage using shelving, a pantry or even glide-out shelving in your cabinetry. Islands, built-in wine racks and pull out garbage receptacles are all add-ons that future buyers will like.

Don’t over do it.

If you’re renovating to increase resale value, be careful not to over renovate according to your home’s specific market. Putting in high-end, luxury finishes in a home that isn’t in a high-end, luxury neighbourhood might not recoup enough of that cost to make it worth it. Unless you really want those things for your own personal enjoyment, try to choose quality things that are within the same market scale your house is in.

Cabinets in Edmonton

Elite Kitchens Inc. will strive to make your kitchen as efficient and user friendly as possible. They’ll do this while respecting the finish characteristics requested by you the customer within a predetermined budget. Understanding that real estate is expensive, they offer custom solutions in order to optimize your space without sacrificing quality. You’ll love their friendly, professional service and high-quality workmanship.

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