Hire a Handyman for Strata, Residential and Business Properties

For property owners, having the support of a trusted handyman is crucial. Handyman services can cover many areas of expertise. Plus, their services can be pretty diverse. If you own a home, business, or strata (condo building), hire a handyman to take care of your property. This will reduce stress and ensure the people in your home, or your tenants, are well looked after.

In this article, Zimal Property Solutions in Coquitlam shares more about how a handyman can help with strata, residential and business maintenance.

Handyman services for strata 

When you own strata properties, you want an experienced handyman contractor to work with. In the strata business, your tenants will need fixes and repairs throughout the year. Also, it’s essential to keep up with building maintenance. This way, you won’t find yourself with an overabundance of repairs needed all at once. While it may be tempting to offer repair services to your tenants, when you partner with an experienced strata handyman, you’re getting much more than just a repair and maintenance service.

Zimal Property Solutions offers a comprehensive range of general maintenance and project solutions specifically for strata property owners. In addition, they can provide customized services that will make it easy to maintain your condo or complex property.

Handyman services for business 

Running a business comes with its own unique set of challenges. Whether offering a service or selling a product, you want to be there for your customers. You don’t want to be stuck in the bathroom fixing a toilet or trying to troubleshoot a repair while you’ve got a business to run. Moreover, trying to do DIY repairs and maintenance could become too difficult to manage if you own an office building. Hiring a handyman contractor helps support your business and keep customers and employees happy.

Handyman services for homeowners

When you leave your home repairs and maintenance to the experts, you avoid potential issues from doing these jobs yourself. Truly, having the support of a handyman means you won’t have to worry about what needs to get done in the home. Nor will you have to stress about how long it will take for a job to get done or if it will be done right. In addition, a handyman can also spot problem areas in the home and fix these problems before they get worse. As a result, they’ll save you money.

At Zimal Property Solutions, their experience as general contractors means they can offer homeowners top-of-the-line repair and maintenance services. Reach out to see how they can help!

Handyman Services in Coquitlam

Steele Malott and Wally Zacharias founded Zimal Property Solutions to meet the growing demand for maintenance technicians in the strata industry. That’s why they focus on customized professional services for strata owners. Zimal Property Solutions is also a division of Zimal Homes. This company builds luxury custom homes throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. They use their renovations and custom building experience to offer the best in strata and building maintenance and repair.

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