Hire a professional to handle floor removal and preparation

It’s likely that at some point, your old floors will be the focus of your next renovation. That might mean an old carpet or outdated laminate, but either way, the flooring has got to go. DIY might be tempting, but when it comes to the nitty, gritty of floor removals, leave it to the professionals.

KN Construction in Winnipeg is a professional general contracting company that also specializes in flooring services. They share the benefits of leaving your floor removal to their professionals:

Different ways to remove different floors

Removing old flooring isn’t quite as simple as tearing out your old carpets and laying down new hardwood instead. For each type of floor, there are different methods when it comes to removal. Linoleum or vinyl, for example, are removed either by scraping or cutting if there is a plywood subfloor. If scraped free, the glue left on the subfloor will also need to be scraped away. Removing a tile floor, though, means a lot more tools and time is involved, starting with a hammer and chisel to even get started.

Some flooring may be easy to DIY, but if you have different floors in your home, call in a professional. They’ll readily know the best way to properly remove those old floors and come prepared with all the right tools.

Pros keep your air clean of dust

With wood and tile floors, in particular, there is a lot of dust that can get kicked up during the removal. Not only will the post-cleanup take some time, but dust can very quickly spread throughout your home. Aside from the new need to regularly dust, if anyone in your home has allergies, it’ll worsen the symptoms. One of the main benefits of a professional, though, is their skill at limiting any spread of dust. With the right tools and experience, they’ll remove your floors in a dust-free manner. At the end of the work, not only will your new floors look amazing, but your air will be just as clean and safe.

Time-efficient and stress-free

Including new flooring on top of any other renovation plans and work can add a lot of stress. If you’re working under a strict timeline as well, you don’t want to spend it all on removing old floors. With a professional, quick, and efficient floor removal and preparation is second nature for them. Part of the work will also include handling all the clean-up post floor removal, so you won’t even have to lift a finger there. Once your old floors are gone, leave it to your contractor to also install your new floors. That way, you’ll save twice the time and stress, leaving you free to focus on other renovation tasks.

Get some professional suggestions

Before you settle on a new floor or decide to use the same material, talk to your contractor. With many years of experience, they’ll likely have some design tips for you. They can help with choosing the right material for different rooms and even what colours will look best. If you’re renovating to prepare to sell, ask about what type of floor buyers will look for or notice.

Despite DIY seeming like an ideal way to save some costs during a renovation, professional work is always an investment. When you hire a professional, they will ensure the quality of your new floor. In the long run, you’ll save future costs on repairs or bad installations while enjoying the value boost to your home.

General Contractors in Winnipeg

KN Construction prides itself on providing quality services while ensuring a stress-free experience. In addition to offering full home renovations, they also specialize in flooring services to cover all your home renovation needs. From start to finish, KN Construction will guarantee you love the transformation of your home.

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