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Hiring a contractor to work on your home can be a stressful decision. There are plenty of horror stories about people hiring terrible contractors and winding up with expensive bills or unfinished work. It can be difficult to know what to ask when hiring a contractor but looking at what they guarantee is a good place to start. If a company is confident in providing good work, it will stand behind the services they provide.

This is something you don’t have to worry about when hiring Spark Heating and Air Conditioning. Their confidence in providing you with excellent service has allowed them to include numerous guarantees. They promise to protect your home from any damage while completing work. They also stand behind their systems for five years. Here are some reasons to hire Spark Heating and Air Conditioning:

Repair and installation are backed by a guarantee

One red flag of a shady contractor is when they refuse to commit to anything and offer no warranty on their service or products. This is something you don’t have to worry about with Spark. They’re so confident in their technicians and their skill and workmanship that they have a guarantee on all their installations. If they install a system, they guarantee it will heat or cool your home according to specifications and will back that guarantee for five years. All repairs to your HVAC system are also backed by a 100% guarantee. If a repair fails in the same heating or cooling season, they’ll come fix it for you, free of charge.

Your home and property are protected

Allowing someone to come into and make changes to your home can feel stressful. You need a contractor who is respectful of your home, your space, and who won’t damage anything while completing the work. When hiring Spark Heating and Air Conditioning, you can be sure your property is in good hands. Treating you and your home with complete respect, their technicians will have the job done efficiently and clean up like they were never there.

Don’t worry about being stuck with a lemon

Going through the expense and stress of installing a furnace or air conditioner, and then having it break down or not work properly can be a nightmare. While it can be bad luck to wind up with a system that doesn’t work properly, you don’t have to accept that outcome. Spark backs air conditioners are backed by a 5-year guarantee, while furnaces are covered for 10 years. If a heat exchange or compressor fails in that time, they will replace it at no charge. Feel confident and secure in the system that you chose and the contractor you hired.

HVAC Companies in Edmonton

Investing in an air conditioning unit or a new furnace can be an expensive endeavour. The last thing homeowners need to be worried about is facing new issues caused by installation or repairs. Spark Heating and Air Conditioning have placed several guarantees in place to give their customers peace of mind when hiring them. They are committed to high quality products, excellent customer services, and open communication throughout the project. Knowing their confidence in their repairs and installations makes them an easy choice when choosing a contractor.

Choose Spark Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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