Hiring a Contractor for a Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations are a common project done to increase the value of a home. Not only that, but the kitchen can be considered the house’s center. Making sure the kitchen is properly functional for your family or for resale is important for any home. It can, however, be a large and stressful project. With so many things that could go wrong or questions you may not have the answers to, one can look to the guidance of a contractor.

NWI Contracting in Vancouver shares some ways that a general contractor can help with your major kitchen renovation:

The planning process

The first step before any project is completed in the planning stage. Planning out the materials you need, the plan of what the space will look like, paint colors, permits, and many other features will keep the project on track. Following a plan throughout will keep both you and the contractor on the same page. It’s important that both parties understand what will happen. NWI will walk you through every step of the renovation. They’ll make sure you’re completely informed throughout the entire process. The better the plan, the better the build.

The design process

Kitchen renovations are large, costly, and incredibly stressful. A contractor can assist you through your endeavors, and help you make these choices. They may relay the costs of different materials, for example which countertop is most cost-effective or long-lasting. They also will help guide you on which materials may give your home more value or functionality.

The permit process

Dealing with permits when doing home projects can be confusing and frustrating. If as a part of your renovation you wish to take out walls, adding or retrofitting electrical or plumbing systems, permits may be necessary. NWI Contractors will help ensure that everything is up to the current building codes. This will give you one less worry for your kitchen renovation.

The construction process

Once the work begins, a lot of work is put into hiring, scheduling and managing trades and services that will work on your kitchen renovation. Electricians, plumbers, drywall contractors, countertop installers, cabinet installers, and painters will all need to be scheduled, and at the right time in the process. If one of the trades has an issue, they need to bring it to the attention of a project manager. This is something a general contractor will do for you, taking a huge amount of stress off your shoulders.

Major Renovations in Vancouver

NWI Contracting is a team of specialists that provide high quality renovations and customer service. They are a Vancouver based firm that believes in a personal approach to your unique project, for the success of a long-lasting client relationship, and a job well done. They have a team of qualified staff that have worked on major renovations many times, and are capable in helping clients get over any hurdles that a renovation may throw at them.

Need help? Check out NWI Contracting today!

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