Hiring a General Contractor After a Flood

A general contractor is there for you in the aftermath of flooding and water damage. Flooding, no matter what the cause, can create widespread damage to your home. There are many projects you may need assistance with. 911 Restoration in Burnaby shares some ways general contractors can help you and your home after a flood.

New insulation and drywall

If water gets into the drywall and insulation, walls will have to be ripped out and replaced. If left unkempt, there could be brown staining left on the walls. It could also easily promote mildew and mould growth which is hazardous to your health. Insulation won’t properly function when wet, and drywall may begin to crack or wrinkle. A general contractor will be able to safely remove the insulation, drywall, and mold from the walls, replacing them with new materials. After that, they’ll have the walls painted with new trim installed.  

New flooring

Floors need to be replaced after a flood. When flooring becomes saturated with water during something like a flood, it’s likely to start warping. The sides may peel up, or textiles may bend. Water may also have seeped down into the subflooring too. General contractors will rip up flooring and subfloors, and be able to replace both. 

Similarly in the basement, concrete flooring may be subject to cracking if exposed to water. If the concrete cracks, not only will the floor be unlevel, but it can cause problems for the remainder of your home. The concrete in your basement is the foundation of your home. A general contractor can assess, dig up, and fix your concrete flooring. 

Electrical repairs and replacements

Lots of electrical is near the base of your home, including electrical outlets and wiring inside the walls. Electrical, when wet, can potentially short-circuit. This can lead to a major fire hazard or can fry your home’s system. It’s a good idea to check on your breaker. Turn off the power to places where your electrical system may have serious water damage, and keep your home’s system intact. Make sure a license electrician inspects the situation. They will recommend repairs and in many cases, parts of your electrical system will need to be replaced. 

General Contractors in Burnaby

911 Restoration’s team of general contractors can help homeowners with any restoration project their home requires. Working out of Burnaby B.C., they’ll work with you to complete any number of home projects to give your home a fresh start. If your home needs restoration, 911 Restoration can offer their assistance. 

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