Hiring a Residential Structural Engineer?

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What is a residential structural engineer?

A residential structural engineering firm like Assent Engineering and Design in Edmonton can advise on and revise a design plan for your new home build or major renovation. They can also help with major structural issues in your residential home like foundation problems.

Why should you hire a structural engineer?

If you are building a home or doing a home renovation that doesn’t involve major load-bearing beams or columns, you might not need the services of a structural engineer. Architects and designers can handle structural designs that deal with joists and rafters. If your renovation tampers with load bearing walls or other major structural elements of the home, and/or if your new construction is complicated, you need to hire a residential structural engineer in Edmonton.

They will ensure your drafter’s plan for your new or refurbished structure is safe, compliant with building codes and that all of the required building permits are obtained.

Do you HAVE to hire a structural engineer for your project?

You can hire an architectural design firm to draft a design and plan for your new home build or home renovation. In many cases, your designer and/or general contractor will advise you on whether or not you need to hire an engineer to inspect and consult on the plan and project. You want to ensure your structure is built safely and to code, so hiring a residential structural engineer is always a good idea. It can save you money and legal issues in the future and give you peace of mind knowing your home is built right.

What kind of specific services does a residential engineer provide?

Assent Engineering and Design provides structural engineering and design services to homeowners, homebuilders, developers and architects. It can include consulting and construction review services for new home builds, home renovations, wall removals, foundations, retaining walls, column footings, new window openings, screw piles and many other services.

These projects can occur in a simple, single family home or in a larger residential development. As previously mentioned, they will also make sure all the required permits are in place and that all the work is 100 per cent compliant to Alberta Building Code and local bylaws.

Are you planning a new home build, home addition or major home renovation?

Contact Assent Engineering and Design here or email them at df.vrabel@shaw.ca 


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