Hiring professional painters is the right decision

Deciding to paint your home’s interior yourself may seem like a cost-savings choice, but there are several things to consider. The cost of supplies and materials is one people typically overlook when pricing out interior paint. People also don’t take into consideration the importance of properly preparing the area to paint which causes issues. It’s important to know that when you hire a professional painter, you are hiring more than their labour, you are hiring their knowledge and skill set.

Nev’s Painting in Calgary shares why hiring a professional is the best idea:

The hidden cost of supplies

When deciding to paint your home yourself, there can be a lot of unexpected costs that add up. From obvious supplies such as paint and brushes, there is the cost of supplies which most people don’t think about. These supplies include painter’s tape which helps to seal against drips and blurs. There is also the cost of materials used to protect areas you don’t want paint on. Depending on the size of the room you’re painting, these drop cloths can add up quickly to be a cost you didn’t expect. Even deciding on the type of paint can have a hidden cost depending on whether you buy a type with a primer included or not.

Preparation is key

Proper preparation is an important part of the painting process. A lot of people are in a rush to start and get the job over with and don’t take the necessary steps to prep the area. Taping off the areas where you don’t want paint can help to avoid mistakes and time-consuming efforts to fix them. Preparing to paint often includes washing the walls, minor drywall repair, and sometimes sanding of rough areas. If you decide to just paint straight over old paint, the paint job might start to peel, bubble, or look unprofessional when complete.

The cost of experience

When hiring a professional, you’re hiring the years of experience they have. The experts know the proper way to do things, like painting from the top down to avoid drips. It can be time-consuming to fix mistakes, but professionals know how to avoid them before they happen. Professionals also have the right supplies for the job. A practiced steady hand, attention to detail, and a wealth of knowledge will ensure a flawless paint job for your home.

Painters in Calgary

Nev’s Painting in Calgary is a trusted name in interior paint and can help you to avoid all the mistakes associated with DIY painting. Their knowledge and skill set will help rejuvenate and modernize your home’s interior and exterior. They can do the job quickly, efficiently, and you’ll love the perfect results.

Contact Nev’s Painting to get started on your home today.

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