Hiring the right excavation contractor

When you have a significant project in mind, like removing dirt or working on drainage, you’ll need some heavy equipment. And, you’ll likely need to hire a contractor to help. But finding the right excavation contractor is an essential step to a successful project.

Kelts Excavating in Calgary is a professional excavation contractor company. Here they share helpful tips for hiring the right company for the job. 

Compare the services offered

Excavation can offer a broad range of different work and expertise. For example, some companies may focus on waterproofing foundations, while others only provide commercial excavation. So, when looking at different companies and contractors, start by reviewing what they specialize in and can offer. Kelts Excavating, for example, offers residential and commercial excavations, small or large, utility trenching, site grading and demolitions. 

Look at past projects

While looking at the services offered, also take the chance to look at each contractor’s portfolio and past projects. That will help you get a sense of their quality of work and how they go about a project. Social media is another great way to track a project’s progress from start to completion. Kelts Excavating regularly posts photos and video updates on projects, letting customers know how things are progressing and handled.

Check for licenses and certifications

One of the big reasons to hire an excavation contractor is that they have not just the experience but the legal permits. Certifications and licenses cover the legalities of the job and ensure you won’t run into legal trouble. A certified and experienced contractor will also know of hidden dangers like gas lines or pipes around a project. Damaging a drainage system or bursting a gas line can lead to severe risks and create costly damages. With an A rating on RenovationFind, Kelts Excavating has insurance, WCB coverage, and certification to complete excavations correctly and safely.

Get a quote

A final critical step in picking a contractor is getting a quote for the project. Various factors can affect the final price, like the complexity, what equipment is needed, and how much work is involved. When Kelts Excavating provides an estimate, it’s honest and accurately provides a cost range. That lets you put together an accurate budget for the excavation portion and the rest of your renovation plans.

Excavation Contractors in Calgary

Kelts Excavating specializes in both residential and commercial excavation projects. Their team has the experience and heavy machinery know-how to handle small or large projects. Every project comes with a guarantee of safety, quality and satisfaction.

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