Hiring the Right General Contractor


What is a general contractor?

A general contractor acts like a project manager for your home renovation projects. Not only will they help you with the initial design and plan for the renovation, they will also manage the project through construction and completion. This includes helping with product selection, doing much of the work themselves or hiring and managing any trades that might work in you home like plumbers, electricians and drywall contractors. They also make sure each job gets done in the correct order to maximize the efficiency and quality of your home improvement project.

You can hire a general contractor to help you with a major home addition, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, a basement remodel and even to take care of some simple home upgrades. O’Brien Contracting in Vancouver can assist you with all of those projects.

Why hire a general contractor?

Home renovations can be a huge undertaking, especially a major renovation like a kitchen remodel or finishing your basement. Not only will you have to design the finished project yourself, you’ll have to hire each individual renovation or trades company to do the work. That means running back and forth to showrooms, interviewing contractors and checking references, then scheduling and managing them as the project is underway. Doing all of this while managing a job and a family can be very stressful! Learn how to remodel a house.

A general contractor like O’Brien Contracting will have the knowledge and skills to do all of this for you. If something goes wrong, they have the experience to know how to fix it quickly and efficiently before it leads to another more expensive problem. They’ll use your ideas to create a detailed plan for your renovation and use cost-effective methods to help you get the most for your money. Because they will already know what materials, labour and other components will be required to complete the job, they are able to create an accurate estimate and are more likely to stay on budget and schedule.

Though you can watch a lot of how-to videos on YouTube, you will not get the same results if you try to complete a major renovation yourself as you would get with a professional renovation company. O’Brien Contracting comes with years of practical experience, and as they say, practice makes perfect. That experience also means they will know what materials to use, have the right tools and equipment and can complete the job a whole lot faster than a DIYer and with incredible results.

General Contractors in Vancouver

Whether you have a vision for your home renovation or are starting from scratch, O’Brien Contracting can help. From design, construction to all of those finishing touches, they’ll ensure your home renovation meets and even exceeds your expectations. For quality workmanship and a positive customer experience, contact O’Brien Contracting Ltd. today!



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