Home automation offers security and convenience

Written by Citadel Domotics in Calgary.

Imagine a light that dims to reduce electrical consumption because an outside sensor detected increased sunlight and opened the blinds. Over time the room temperature rises but instead of turning on the air conditioning, the system closes the blinds and increases the output of the light to make up the difference. This is a fully automated functionality. It doesn’t require voice commands, phone apps or manual switches to initiate. The only requirement is the presence of a person in the room.

Home automation solutions by Citadel Domotics can do this and so much more.

Keeping intruders away

Like an invisible shield, your home knows how to scare off intruders. While you‘re away from home, it acts as if you were thereby turning on and off lights and opening and closing blinds. These functions are also used in defense from any detected intruders.

In addition to protecting residents from burglars, your smart home will even protect against potential dangers such as a fire. You will be informed by a flashing light, loud alarm, and call to your phone.

A video surveillance system can record the intruders. Systems can include vehicle detection, intruder tracking, and facial detection.

Your home even uses sensors to detect if any doors or windows are left open. No matter the situation, your home will notify you immediately.

All data is stored on your dedicated system within your own walls. Components all interact together flawlessly without needing to connect to the internet or the Cloud.

Lighting control

Lights too dim or too bright? You can adjust the brightness and/or colour to suit your needs or the system can automatically respond. The response can be based on inside and outside light levels, time of day, and/or position of the blinds.

At Citadel Domotics we design automated homes, not voice-controlled homes.

Detecting leaks

Your home automation system is connected to sensors that can detect water leaks. In an automated home, the water supply valve will close, and you will be informed of the event.

Water can damage your flooring, walls, framing, and insulation. Excessive moisture can lead to mold, potentially result in health issues.

Controlling the Internal Environment

An automated home controls the internal environment, not just the temperature. Temperature, humidity, air quality, and lighting make up the environment of a room or area. An automated system integrates all of these, so no one is impacted by the effects of another while minimizing energy usage.

Protecting the Environment

An automated home can help protect the environment. Why do all the rooms in a house need to be at the same temperature? If the guest rooms could be kept at a lower temperature than the occupied bedrooms, energy usage would be reduced. All rooms could be kept a couple of degrees cooler when not occupied. Outside air could be used to heat or cool a room and/or adjust the humidity.

Residential and Commercial Systems

Citadel Domotics believes there are three things everybody needs to protect in today’s world: People, Environment, and Assets. Customized automation and surveillance systems designed for the needs of each residential or commercial client can provide all three.

Citadel Domotics has become a reputable and well-known systems integrator. Their team is up for every job, managing projects with the skill and experience clients need. Their goal is to provide a safe, secure, and intuitive automation solution that doesn’t require internet-connected devices.

Contact Citadel Domotics today.


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