Home Electrical Safety Tips

Electricity is a necessity of modern living, but it can also be a safety hazard. Keep your family and home safe following these simple electrical safety tips provided by BC Hydro:

Safety tips for outlets, panels and fuses.

Don’t overload a receptacle by having too many electronic devices plugged in at once. If you need more receptacles, or a bigger circuit, have those installed by a professional electrician.

If your breaker trips, it is because the circuit is overloaded. Sometimes unplugging an appliance and resetting the breaker is enough to fix the problem. If it continues to trip, contact a licensed electrician to inspect and fix it for you.

If a fuse blows, make sure you turn off all the devices and lights that are on that circuit before trying to change the fuse. When changing it, use a headlamp or flashlight and replace it with another fuse that has the identical rating. Make sure it’s pushed in snug. Loose fuses can overheat. Never replace a fuse with a coin or a piece of metal!

Safety tips for cords and plugs.

When pulling out an electrical plug, always make sure your hands are dry and that you are not also touching a metal object with the other hand. Pull it out by the plug, not by the cord. Pulling by the cord can damage the cord and it can become a hazard.

If any of your electrical cords or extension cords are showing signs of wear or are damaged, they should be replaced. You should also make sure that no cords are being stretched across a room, under a carpet, through the doorway or anywhere else they can be stepped on.

Extension cords with three prongs should be used outdoors. Never remove the third prong! Do not use an extension cord as a permanent solution in your home. Instead, contact the best electricians in Vancouver to install additional receptacles for you.

Safety tips for appliances and devices.

Only use appliances or tools that have been certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) seal or another accredited Standards Council of Canada association.

Try to unplug your electronic devices and appliances when they are not in use and never place them near a source of water! Remember to always unplug the toaster when trying to pry out a stuck piece of toast and if you suspect an appliance or device is overheating or causing the breaker to trip, unplug it and have it repaired immediately.

If you require electrical repair, always call the best electricians in Vancouver to do the job.


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