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Summer time in Alberta means warmer weather, longer days and more opportunities to spend time outdoors. It is also the ideal time to do some much needed repairs on your home, especially after your home’s exterior has taken the abuse of another harsh winter. Here are some summer home maintenance and home improvement tips:

Examine Your Exterior Walls

After the winter you should inspect your exterior siding. If your vinyl siding is cracked or your wood siding seems to be holding water or starting to rot, you should consider a siding replacement. Updating your vinyl or wood siding to a more durable siding material like fiber cement siding will give your home a sharp, new look while increasing your property value. This fiber cement siding material is incredibly durable and long lasting, resistant to extreme weather, mildew and rot. It’s available in a variety of colours and textures and will not fade over time. It’s attractiveness, durability and value make this type of siding a smart investment. Contact Edmonton’s best siding contractors to learn more about your siding options.

Check for Leaks

Our harsh winters can damage the exterior of your home. Leaks might be found in your roof, soffit and fascia and could lead to water damage if not dealt with right away. If you notice your soffit or fascia is rotting, sagging or damaged it’s best to call an Edmonton roofing contractor to make the repairs.

You should also check for any cracked seals around your windows and doors. If your window or door frames looked warped or damaged, consider replacing them with energy efficient products. Not only will new windows and doors boost your home’s resale value, they will also help your home stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, reducing your energy consumption and lowering your monthly utility bills.

Check the Eavestroughs

It’s pretty common for gutters to clog with leaves, pine needles and other debris during the fall and winter. Clogged gutters can affect your home’s drainage system and if water starts to pool around your foundation, it could cause a leak or moisture in your basement. Clogged gutters that are left for the winter could become damaged in the freezing and thawing process and will have to be repaired or replaced.

Wash Your Home’s Exterior

One of the best ways to give your home an inexpensive face lift is to give it a good washing! Use a pressure washer to clean your siding, deck, walkways, driveway, porches and patios. In many cases, a good pressure wash can eliminate all the grime accumulated over the winter and make your home’s exterior look like new again!

Exterior Renovations in Edmonton

From siding contractors, roofers to companies that specialize in eavestroughs and gutters, you’ll find accredited companies you can trust on RenovationFind.com. Get started today!


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