Home office renovations: design tips

With more businesses relying on a remote workforce, you might be needing a home office upgrade. Working from home in the comfort of your own home office offers many great benefits and appeal. You have higher productivity, less distraction, and no commute. But to maximize that productivity, it’s necessary to have the right design. It should be comfortable yet efficient enough to still work with ease.

Integra Contracting Inc. in Calgary is a professional general contracting company for residential and commercial builds. They share some design tips and tricks when renovating a new home office:

Pick the right location

A home office should be spacious, comfortable, quiet, and ideally by a light source like a window. If you are the type to get easily distracted by noises, then make sure it’s also in a low-traffic area of your home. For home offices where clients may come to visit in the future, having a large open space is a better choice. That way, you and your clients can sit comfortably and conduct business without feeling cramped. Whether you need a new room built in the basement or want to convert a spare bedroom to a home office, Integra Contracting can help.

Work triangle design

Your office layout should be easy to navigate and feel like a productive space. You want a design that flows and suits your needs most, like the work triangle in a kitchen. In that, the main working areas, the sink, refrigerator and stove, all form a triangle with enough room to access each. With your home office, think of the desk, storage, and any seating as your three points. There should be enough room to move and walk around without bumping into things.

Pick mood-boosting colours

Try to choose colours that are calming and boost productivity. Your home office colours and décor should reflect on you and what colours motivate work and creativity the most. Some colour theories show that shades like green, bold reds, or yellow are energetic and creative shades. Others like cool blues and earthy browns help promote a more relaxed feeling. View a few paint samples and see what feels best for you.

Invest in a view and good seating

The benefits of comfy seating and natural sunlight can’t be understated when planning a home office. If you’re locked in a room with artificial lighting and a hard seat, it’s not likely you’ll be very productive. When picking furniture, and especially your office chair, take the time to test your options. As for natural lighting, either pick a room with a window or, if it’s within your budget, considering installing a new office window. Sunlight has many health benefits, and it helps encourage a healthy workplace. For late-night work, make sure to have a good design of layered lighting to prevent eye strain.

General Contractors in Calgary

With Integra Contracting Inc., every step of a project is handled with their professionals for a stress-free experience. From planning, designing, renovating, or building, they are there to help with everything. With over 50 years of renovation experience, no project is too complicated or big to handle. From home renovations to construction builds, you know who to call.

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