Home renovations for sustainability

O’Brien Contracting Ltd. in Vancouver offers home renovations that will increase the efficiency and sustainability of your home. They’ll inspect your entire home and make suggestions for upgrades and improvements to make your home more comfortable, functional and better for the environment.

Here are some ways you can improve sustainability in your home:

Add eco-friendly insulation.

During the winter, you’re consuming a lot of energy to keep the house warm. Check your insulation. If it’s dated and has below standard R-Value, it should be replaced with eco-friendly blown-in insulation. Upgrading your attic insulation will greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency, allowing you to rely on your heating system less and save money too.

Replace your drafty windows and doors.

Windows are typically responsible for the most energy lost in the home. They’ll let out the heat in the winter and bring in the heat in the summer, putting strain on your heating and cooling system and increasing energy consumption. Investing in energy efficient doors and windows that have double or triple panes divided by insulating argon gas and insulated spacers will help reduce energy loss and consumption greatly.

Choose non-toxic and sustainable building materials.

With any home renovation, you have the right to choose building materials that are non-toxic and more sustainable. Ask your general contractor about recycled materials to use in your home like re-purposed wood, glass and metal. You can also choose sustainable woods for your flooring and countertops. Always ask about VOCs and formaldehyde in building materials as these off-gas emitting chemicals can pollute your home’s indoor air quality.

Consider renewable energy for your home.

Homeowners now have more options when it comes to renewable energy. You can inquire about installing a solar power system for your home, or other on-site generating renewable energy sources like a small-scale wind turbine. There are options – ask O’Brien Contracting what they would recommend for your home renovation project.

Consider energy efficiency while replacing things in the home.

Are you buying new appliances for your kitchen renovation? Purchase ENERGY STAR certified energy efficient appliances. If you’re replacing your faucets and fixtures, consider low-flow faucets, shower heads and toilets. If you’re replacing your light fixtures, make sure they all get new LED light bulbs installed instead of the traditional incandescent bulb. These simple changes will reduce energy use in your home.

General Contractors in Vancouver

O’Brien Contracting aims to be a world leader and innovator in green, sustainable building. Their mission is to increase the sustainability and efficiency in homes. They’ll think outside the box, see what needs to be improved in your home, and make sure highly trained specialists are doing all the renovations and upgrades.

Do you want to build a greener home and greener future? Contact O’Brien Contracting!


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