Home Security: More Than Just an Alarm

When you think about home security, you might think about installing an alarm system. Though an alarm and monitoring system is a critical part of your home security, installing a complete smart home security system will do a lot more when it comes to protecting your home and family. Read on to learn about the importance and convenient features will be included in your complete smart home security system:

Home Automation

From your centralized home security panel or your mobile device, you will be able to control several functions throughout your home. You can program and control things like the thermostat, lighting, door locks, garage security and many others. That means that you can change the temperature in your home, turn lights on and off and even lock or unlock your doors from your smart phone, no matter where you are! You can even program your system to send you reminder notifications to your phone if you’ve forgotten to turn off a light or adjust the thermostat before you left the home.

Camera and Surveillance

Security cameras can be installed outside and inside of your home. Cameras should be installed at your home’s points of entry and should have good lighting around them. Technology has come a long way over the last few years and your security cameras can now be monitored from your smart phone from any where in the world.

The image is crystal clear. If you do have a break-in attempt, the cameras will capture the face of the intruder. It can even capture the license plate of any vehicle in the driveway, or if the camera is pointed correctly, even a vehicle parked or driving on the street.

Safety and Health

Home security includes protecting you and your family both from potential intruders and from environmental hazards that can occur inside the home. Your complete smart home security system will include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Your system will also be able to monitor and alert you of potential freezing in your pipes as well as flooding in your home.

Many home security companies can also install medical alert devices to assist those who might need emergency medical assistance, available with the simple push of a button.

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