Home Security with Home Automation

Home security has come a long way over the years and goes far beyond a simple alarm and monitoring system. Advancements in home automation technology have expanded home security systems to include automated lighting, surveillance cameras, automated door locks, advanced garage security, thermostat control and many other features. You’ll be able to control many of these functions with a touch of a button, either from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Here is what you can do with an automated home security system:

Monitor your home from any where in the world.

Home security companies offer fully automated security systems that you can control from your mobile device, and through a centralized security panel in your home. While you’re at the office, the shopping mall or even on vacation, you can see what’s happening at your home from an app on your smart phone.

Using just one app on your smart phone, you you can control and adjust your lights, thermostat, appliances, video monitoring system, garage doors, shades, Christmas lights, and much more. For example, you can check the heat and even turn it up if you need to. You can disengage your alarm, lock and unlock your doors to let someone in, turn lights on and off to make it seem like someone is at home if you’re on holidays. Learn more about how to increase your home’s security.

As mentioned, you can also monitor your security cameras on your smart device. A home security company can install night vision cameras around the exterior or interior of your home. High quality cameras are even capable of capturing a crystal clear image of the intruder’s face. It can even capture the license plate of any vehicle parked in the driveway and if it’s adjusted properly, even a vehicle driving or parked on the street.

Home security that protects your family while you’re at home.

Your home security system will also include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These detectors are essential to the health and safety or your home and family and could save your life. Your security system could also include other environmental alarms including alerting you of a sudden increase of temperature, potential freezing in your pipes as well as flooding in your home. Your smart home security system will make sure the home is protected on all fronts.

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