Homeowners polled on hiring home renovation companies

Statistics show that 91 per cent of homeowners in Western Canada plan on doing home renovations this year.

RenovationFind conducted a consumer survey at Home & Garden Shows in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver to learn what homeowners look for in a general contractor.

RenovationFind surveyed 2,071 homeowners this year at the Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg Home and Garden Shows. Of those surveyed, over 91 per cent were planning on embarking on a home renovation project in the next 12 months.

“We always want to ask homeowners what they look for when hiring a general contractor or home improvement company to work in their home,” said Keith Riley, Founder of RenovationFind.com. “It wasn’t surprising for us to learn that the most important things homeowners look for in a contractor were quality work and trustworthiness.”

39.8 per cent of homeowners placed quality work as their number one concern when hiring a renovation company. 38.84 per cent said that hiring a trustworthy contractor was the most important to them and 14.34 stated price as being the main deciding factor. Only 9.6 per cent chose good customer service as the most important factor when hiring a contractor.

“RenovationFind.com exists to provide homeowners with a directory of good, trustworthy companies that have a proven reputation for quality work,” said Riley. “The aim is to protect homeowners from being ripped off by bad contractors and promote these good companies in our industry.”

Survey results also showed that most homeowners have a renovation budget between $5,000 to $10,000 for this year. In Vancouver and Calgary, homeowners were asked what type of home improvement projects they were looking for. 46 per cent said interior renovations, 10 per cent said exterior renovations and 36.6 per cent said both.

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