How a general contractor helps your renovation go smoother

Renovations are a significant investment. They take some finances, but they also take time and, during that time, can disrupt your home life. When things don’t go right, a renovation can become a major cause of stress.

Hiring a reputable and experienced general contractor like Artistique Homes in Calgary can ensure things go smoothly. Here’s how they can help:

Project management from start to finish

Some homeowners try to manage their big home projects themselves. Depending on the scale of the project, it’s almost always better to leave that job to a professional. When you hire Artistique Homes, you are hiring a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced project manager. They’ll make sure your project moves forward as it should.

That includes hiring, scheduling, and managing all the trades that will work in your home. Whether they’re team members or sub-contracted, they’ll schedule the installations so they happen in the correct order. A general contractor will troubleshoot and quickly resolve issues, saving you a headache, time, and sometimes money.

When there are so many people working on one project, it’s essential to have someone communicating with all of them. Artistique Homes will ensure everyone will know what your needs and preferences are. From the designers to carpenters and every trades professional working in your home.

Access to design services

The design team at Artistique Homes will help you create a plan for the renovation or home of your dreams. They offer interior design and engineering services to ensure everything gets done correctly and to your specifications. That includes drawings, architectural and interior designs, and any drawings for structural changes like additions or house lifting. Here are more tips for planning a successful home remodel.

They’ll obtain permits

Significant home renovations, additions, and new home builds will require permits. A general contractor will apply for and obtain permits. They’ll ensure all submitted plans are accurate and the work is done to the most current building code. Without a general contracting company, you’ll have to do this yourself.

Trusted trades in your home

Without a general contractor, you’ll have to find, research, and vet every contractor that works on your project. That could include drywall installers, painters, electricians, plumbers, flooring installers, HVAC technicians, and many others. When you hire a full-service renovation company, you have access to their employees and trusted trade partners. They’ve done the vetting for you. They’ll only bring people into your home who are committed to honesty, quality work, and excellent customer service.

General Contractors in Calgary

Artistique Homes offer residential and commercial renovations and home building to Calgary and surrounding areas. Their team has many years of combined experience. You can trust these professionals to transform your aging property into a beautiful space that looks new again.

If you’re ready to build or renovate, contact Artistique Homes!


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