How a general contractor simplifies the renovation process

Whether you’re remodelling the bathroom or building a new home, a general contractor will prove invaluable. Renovations involve many moving parts, from managing subcontractors to finding vendors to meeting city codes. If you lack the necessary experience, it’s overwhelming. You’re also more likely to make mistakes that cost you time and money. A professional general contracting company easily and efficiently manages all aspects of construction, so you don’t have to.

Westrade Projects in Richmond are experts in residential construction and renovation. Their experience, knowledge, and industry connections make the renovation process simple. Here’s how a general contractor can make your home renovation or construction project run smoothly.

1. Home design

General contractors have connections throughout the industry. As a result, they can connect you with trusted engineers, architects, and interior designers. Once the design process begins, your general contractor works closely with your chosen architect and designers to perfectly execute your vision. All in all, you benefit from their strong working relationships. Instead of spending hours researching designers online, you can rely on the recommendation of your general contractor.

2. Project Management

When you work with a general contracting company like Westrade Projects, you also get a Project Coordinator. This person is invaluable for managing and overseeing the entire project. For example, one of their tasks is to compile a comprehensive project book that details every part of the project. This level of organization helps the project run smoothly.

Additionally, the Project Coordinator develops the budget. They reach out to their network of tried and trusted vendors to find the best materials at the best price. In the end, their connections to vendors and subcontractors ensure reliability and quality. Learn more about building on a budget.

3. Home Construction

When construction begins, your general contracting company is at the helm. Westrade Projects provides a Project Manager to oversee construction and manage all personnel. They manage all aspects of construction so you can relax and enjoy the process. The Project Manager is the single point of contact between you and all the contractors, simplifying communication. Additionally, your Project Manager is responsible for quality and safety control. With their keen eye and the superb craftsmanship of Westrade Projects’ contractors, your home is on its way to stunning completion.

4. Completion and Maintenance

The project is complete and has earned your stamp of approval. Furthermore, you have been given an organized package containing contracts, invoices, manuals, warranties, and more. Now what? Westrade Projects services don’t stop there. They also offer home maintenance services to all their clients. This means your home will continue to look just as incredible as the day it was completed. Westrade Projects takes care of pressure washing, gutter cleaning, window washing, painting, and more.

General Contractors in Richmond

Westrade Projects simplify the renovation process with their expert project management and highly trained personnel. Their professional services minimize hassle, prevent damage, and save you money. They cover new construction, custom renovations, kitchen and bathroom remodelling, and painting. Lastly, their exceptional customer service and clear communication help to make the renovation process enjoyable and easy.

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