Home renovations have many different parts to them, especially if you are gutting an entire room. It can get to the point where even the little tasks can seem to pile on top of one another. Looking for some assistance? Calling a handyman to help finish up some renovation jobs can get your space done quicker, and you’ll know it’s been done right. Here are some tasks a handyman can assist within your home projects, from The Handy Neighbours Ltd. in Edmonton.

Drywall installation

Putting up drywall can be a time-consuming task. Hiring a handyman to help drywall a space will make the project go a lot quicker. As well, they will be able to offer their knowledge and expertise when it comes to doing the project because they have the experience and tools necessary to make the task to be done properly. The Handy Neighbours can assist with drywall repair or full installation.

Baseboard installation

When installing baseboards into a room, it requires lots of measuring, cutting, and configuration to get it done right. A handyman will not only be able to get the baseboards to fit your space, will get it done easily and quickly. If you are struggling with baseboard installation, it may be to your benefit to consider consulting with a handyman.

Tile installation

Whether it be tiling on the floor, a bathroom or adding a backsplash to your kitchen, a handyman can help. They will be able to provide you with some design ideas for the space to match your style and install the project correctly. They also may have some insight into cost-effective or functional materials to use for your space to match your needs.


Once a room or home has the drywall installed, the next step is to paint the space. A handyman can help you tape and paint the walls according to your style or needs. They also may be able to provide you with some advice on which paint brands are best, or other painting supplies.

Handyman in Edmonton

The Handy Neighbours Ltd. offers you professional, safe, and reliable services at fair and affordable prices. They believe in high-quality customer care, from basic home repairs to full renovations, all done with the guaranteed high-quality care that you can trust.

Looking for help? Contact The Handy Neighbours Ltd. today!

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