How a window replacement can save you money

A window replacement is an expensive home improvement. Are they worth the investment? Here are some ways new windows will help you save money:

Increased energy efficiency.

The most obvious way your windows will help pay for themselves is through energy savings. Your windows are the main cause of energy loss in the home. Upgrading your single pane windows to new, ENERGY STAR rated double or triple glazed windows will greatly increase your home’s energy efficiency. According to ENERGY STAR, a certified window can save you between $100 and $583 a year when replacing your old single pane windows.

That is because the double or triple paned windows are insulated between the panes using argon gas and high tech insulating spacers. The panes are typically glazed with a low-E coating which increases thermal performance by reflecting radiant heat back into the house in the winter and repelling the heat from the sun from the house in the summer. By reducing the strain on your heating and cooling system and using less energy to keep your home comfortable, your new energy efficient windows will produce savings on your utility bills each month.

Boosted resale value.

New windows are one of the hot-ticket-items buyers will be looking for when they are on a house search. It means the house has already received this expensive energy efficient upgrade and they won’t have to worry about it when they move in. New windows can also improve the aesthetics of your home, increasing curb appeal and making your house more visibly attractive on the real estate market.

New windows will also increase the listing price of your home. Though you won’t get back every penny at resale, a vinyl window replacement will recoup over 74 per cent of their installation cost. According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report for 2018, new windows that cost $16,000 can increase your home’s value by $12,000.

No need to worry about maintenance costs.

Older windows require more maintenance to keep out the drafts. Perhaps you are scraping off caulking, on the inside and outside of the home, and applying new caulking every spring and fall and replacing weather stripping too. Instead of spending money on window maintenance, you can put that money towards a window replacement and enjoy a comfortable, draft-free home without all the fuss.

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