How an electrician can help when renovating an older home

Older homes have character and charm and are worth the upkeep if you love the house. If you’ve decided to remodel your home for the long term or have bought an older home, an electrician should be part of your renovation team.

Candela Electric Ltd. in Edmonton offers quality electrical services and installations. They share how they can help you with older home renovations:

Replace or update old wiring

Depending on previous renovations or the age of the house, the home could have outdated wiring. Modern homes have a higher electrical demand. You will want a circuit and panel upgrade to power your home safely. An electrician can inspect your electrical panel, wiring, and outlets to see if it needs an update. They can check for things like aluminum wiring, overloaded circuits, ungrounded two-pronged outlets and see if your system is up to the current building code.

Once the inspection is complete, they’ll make recommendations for an upgrade. At a minimum, your upgrade should bring the system up to code and ensure the electrical system is running safely. However, if you have plans to increase electrical capacity, they might suggest upgrading to a 200 AMP electrical service. This upgrade will ensure you have enough power to safely run things like an electric vehicle charger, hot tub, new appliances, home theatre system, and other devices.

Electrical additions that add function

With many people spending more time at home, including working from home, you might need electrical upgrades to improve the home’s function. For example, the room you are using for a home office might need additional power outlets to operate your computers, printers, and other equipment. Or, you might want to install dimmer switches, device power stations, or task lighting in other rooms of the house. Candela Electric Ltd. will work with you to discuss your needs and create a plan for electrical additions that meet them.

New light fixtures

Lighting plays a significant role in how space looks and feels. Updating older light fixtures can ensure the room is properly lit, improve efficiency, and make it more attractive. Your electrician can help you plan the rewiring for new fixtures.

You should never attempt DIY electrical work. Rewiring in older homes can sometimes be technical and dangerous if not completed by an experienced professional. Plus, you don’t know what electrical hazards you might find lurking in the walls and ceiling. Protect yourself and your home from potential risks and have a certified electrician handle the installation of any new light fixtures.

Electricians in Edmonton

Located in Parkland County, Candela Electric Ltd. offers electrical services for commercial, industrial, and residential clientele in the Edmonton area. They will provide the best customer service, quality workmanship and exceptional value for every project. If you’re looking for an electrical upgrade or installation for your home renovation, they’ll ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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