How an insulation and ventilation upgrade can keep your home cool

Most of us start to think about our home’s insulation performance when the weather is cold. While an energy-efficient insulation upgrade will keep your home warmer and more efficient in the winter, it also plays a major role in keeping your home cool during our hot summer months. With record-breaking heatwaves over the last year, keeping things cool and comfortable is essential.

Expert Insulation Contracting Ltd. in Edmonton offers a range of insulation and attic ventilation services. They share how an insulation upgrade can help keep your home cool this summer:

The attic can really heat up

Think about the temperature in your attic during the hottest summer days. With the sun beating down on your roof, the attic can reach stifling temperatures greater than 82 degrees Celsius a day or hotter! Without proper insulation that heat is getting into your indoor living space, causing your air conditioner to work overtime and spiking your cooling costs. If you don’t have the luxury of AC, your home will be very hot and uncomfortable. Many of us experienced that during the heatwave in 2021.

Ventilation is key

Another part of your attic’s insulation system is its ventilation. Without proper ventilation, that stuffy heat won’t be properly circulated out of the house. When that heat rises through the roof decking, it can prematurely deteriorate your roof shingles. High-quality wind-driven turbines remove the heat from the attic in the summer and moisture in the winter. Working with your new energy-efficient attic insulation, this improved ventilation system will make your home more efficient. Proper ventilation will help reduce the strain on your heating and cooling system and reduce your monthly energy costs.

Inspect your insulation

Look in your attic before summer hits and inspect your insulation situation. If you find a few inches of wood chips, newspaper-like insulation or batts, you need an upgrade. These older insulators are inefficient and only have an R-value of 4 to 12. The current code recommends that your R-value should be 60 in the attic, so you’ll have to upgrade your underperforming insulation. An insulation contractor can blow new efficient insulation right over your existing insulation. So you don’t have to worry about removing it first. Learn more about adding attic insulation.

If you find vermiculite or zonolite insulation in your older home, stop what you are doing and contact an asbestos testing and removal company. These older insulation materials may contain asbestos and can be highly hazardous to your health when disturbed. If you are unsure, contact Expert Insulation Contracting to inspect it for you and make suggestions.

Sealing leaks

Air leaks in various areas of your ceiling and roof can compromise your home’s thermal performance. Typical leaks can be found around vents, bathroom and kitchen fans, light fixtures, and areas around plumbing, wiring, and ductwork. Air sealing these areas will reduce energy loss in your home. That will improve home comfort, reduce heating and cooling costs, and improve your indoor air quality. Once your insulation and ventilation are upgraded, ensuring no leaks is essential to maintain good efficiency.

Save with the Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator

The City of Edmonton’s Home Energy Retrofit Accelerator (HERA) program provides rebates for upgrades. Homeowners can receive rebates for upgrading their insulation, windows, water and space heating equipment. Plus, you’ll get an EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation and receive professional advice from an energy advisor on how you can update your home to be more energy-efficient.

You can apply for your HERA rebate and stack it with other energy efficiency incentive programs, including Canada’s Greener Homes Grant. Expert Insulation Contracting can help you with applying for these green home rebates!

Insulation Contractors in Edmonton

Expert Insulation Contracting Ltd. offers ventilation and insulation upgrades to help you save energy and money. They provide both commercial and residential insulation services for jobs big and small! Fully bonded and insured, they are experts in retrofitting, as well as new construction, and offer free insulation assessments.

Contact Expert Insulation Contracting Ltd. today!

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