How an insulation upgrade can keep your home cool

Most of us start to think about the performance of our home’s insulation in the fall when the weather starts to dip. While an energy efficient insulation upgrade will keep your home warmer and more efficient in the winter, it also plays a major role in keeping your home cool during our hot summer months.

Think about the temperature in your attic during the hottest summer days. With the sun beating down on your roof, the attic can reach stifling temperatures greater than 82 degrees Celsius a day, according to local insulation contractors. Without proper insulation that heat is getting into your indoor living space, causing your air conditioner to work over time and spiking your cooling costs. If you don’t have the luxury of AC, your home will be very hot and uncomfortable.

Another part of your attic’s insulation system, is it’s ventilation. Without proper ventilation that stuffy heat won’t be able to be properly circulated out of the house. When that heat rises through the roof decking it can prematurely deteriorate your roof shingles. Some companies use Lomanco’s wind driven turbines. These turbines remove the heat from the attic in the summer and moisture in the winter. Working with your new energy efficient insulation, this ventilation system will make your home more efficient, reduce the strain on your heating and cooling system and reduce your monthly energy costs.

Look in your attic before summer hits and inspect your insulation situation. If you find a few inches of a wood chips, newspaper-like insulation or batts, you need an upgrade. These older insulators are not efficient and only have an R-value of 4 to 12. Current code recommends that your R-value be at least 50, so you’ll have to upgrade your under performing insulation. An insulation contractor can blow PROPINK® Blown Insulation right over top of your existing insulation, so you don’t have to worry about removing it first. Learn more about adding attic insulation.

If you find vermiculite or zonolite insulation in your older home, stop what you are doing and contact an asbestos testing and removal company. These older insulation materials may contain asbestos and can be extremely hazardous to your health when disturbed. If you are unsure, contact a reputable insulation contractor to inspect it for you and make suggestions.


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