How attic insulation and ventilation prevents ice dams

Inadequate insulation in the attic will result in significant energy loss, increased energy bills, and even ice dams. Insulation contractors in Winnipeg like Advanced Insulation can inspect your attic and recommend an insulation upgrade.

Here’s how attic insulation can prevent ice dams and why that’s so important.

What is an ice dam?

Ice dams are caused by melting and freezing snow on the roof. The roof must be warmer than the outside air for them to occur.

Old attics with poor insulation and ventilation will allow heat to transfer from inside the house into the attic. Sometimes, leaks around light fixtures and bathroom vents can let warm air inside the attic. That warm air will heat the roof and cause the snow to melt. When you have a lot of snow, the top layer of snow acts as an insulator, and just the bottom layer will melt and freeze. Eventually, this will cause an ice dam.

Why ice dams are a problem

Ice dams can do significant damage to your home. The ice build-up can sometimes damage eavestroughs, soffit, and get behind the shingles. If it’s up in the shingles, it will leak into the attic when it melts. This water and moisture in the attic can cause widespread damage to insulation, framing, ceilings, walls, and other components. It can also promote mildew and mould growth. Ice dams are something you want insulation contractors in Winnipeg to address right away.

Insulation, ventilation, and air sealing

Upgrading your attic insulation in Winnipeg will considerably improve thermal performance, home comfort, and lower energy costs. New insulation, combined with a ventilation system upgrade, will ensure the air in the attic is cool, circulating, and not causing issues.

While these upgrades are essential to preventing ice dams, you must also ensure air and moisture aren’t leaking into the attic space. Advanced Insulation will seal off bathroom and kitchen fans, plumbing stacks, light fixtures, electrical wires, and anything else that might penetrate the ceiling. These upgrades will keep moisture out, heat in, and solve the ice dam problem.

Trust your insulation contractor

If damage from a reoccurring ice dam is severe, a lot of moisture may have gotten into the attic. Advanced Insulation will perform an inspection to assess the damage. In the worst cases, they’ll have to remove the insulation and repair any damage before they can install new attic insulation. They will also ensure that the air and vapour barrier issues are solved so the problem doesn’t happen again.

If you’ve had ice dams this winter, don’t wait. Contact Advanced Insulation for an inspection today!


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