How can a glass shower enclosure improve your bathroom?


If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, consider a glass shower enclosure. Shower enclosures can be framed or unframed and customized to fit almost any setup. 

King’s Glass in Calgary has given four expert reasons how a glass enclosure could make your bathroom better.  

Can make a statement

The first one is about style. An expertly crafted glass enclosure in your bathroom is stylish and elegant. Choosing the right combination for your bathroom is essential whether you go with a framed, semi-framed, or unframed one. 

If you decide on unframed, a shower could take different shapes, like a triangle, hexagon, or corner. Framed showers are a little more restricting, but the frame can add to the style. The frame can be thick and contrast with the glass, or it could be thin and nearly invisible. 

The type of door is another style and practical choice you’ll need to make when designing your shower enclosure. A frameless door can usually open both ways, while a framed door often only opens one way. Whatever you choose, a glass enclosure will add that touch of style to your new bathroom renovation. 

Adds more natural light

A glass enclosure allows light to pass through freely. This extra light can help you see better, get clean quicker, and stay safe. However, there might be a downside. Clear glass is perfect for letting light pass through, but it’s also the worst for privacy. 

Some options can still provide light while also giving you some privacy. For example, you can thicken frames for a small amount of privacy. You could also use frosted glass on some or all of your enclosure to get a comfortable level of privacy. 

Can make the space feel larger

Out of sight: Out of mind. With clear glass, you can see through the enclosure walls to the back of your shower or tub. You can also leave shower or tub doors closed and still allow people to see into the enclosure. An enclosure gives an open and seamless look. Your glass walls and can cause the bathroom to feel airier and larger.  

Easier to clean and help keep mould out

Mould can have a hard time attaching to glass, but it can still build in the corners if left unchecked. Having glass walls around your tub or shower helps cut down the amount of mould building in your bathroom. When and if it builds up, it should be easy to find and clean. 

It’s also easier to see when it’s time to wipe and clean your glass. You can often use simple glass cleaners to get your shower or tub enclosure back to spotless perfection. 

Properly sealed glass can reduce the amount of water on the floor in a way that most cloth or vinyl curtains can’t. This extra sealing could increase the life of your floor and help keep you safe with fewer chances of slipping. 

Shower Doors & Enclosures in Calgary

King’s glass has been serving Calgary since 1983. Their professional team focuses on helping you use glass in unique and expert ways throughout your home or business. They provide quality advice and mobile service to accommodate their customer’s needs. Their services include after-hours drop-off and pick-up delivery. 

Start planning your bathroom remodel. Call King’s Glass today!

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