How decks add lasting value to your home

Home renovations can feel daunting, especially when the goal is to add value and function to your home. However, one such project that can add both is the addition of a brand-new deck or replacing an outdated one. 

Chephren Building Solutions Inc in Calgary is a professional deck-building company that offers a range of waterproofing and outdoor renovation services. They share how their decks can add lasting value to your home:

Improves lifestyle and resale value

Adding a deck to your home is a significant project, but it also comes with a major investment boost to your home. Having a deck expands the square footage of your home and provides a place to relax outside when the weather is nice. A stylish deck is an ideal addition for homeowners who love entertaining indoors and outside by adding an outdoor kitchen. Having a deck is also a great selling feature for prospective buyers, improving the home’s resale value. Everyone, including potential buyers, will love the idea of a beautiful and functional outdoor living space. 

Plus, according to recent cost vs. value data, decks can recover over 50 percent of their cost at resale. In the meantime, you and your family will enjoy all the benefits of your new outdoor living space.

A whole new look refreshes the home.

While updating the look of an old deck, take the chance to give your deck a new look and feel. Matching the style or colours of the deck to your home is a great way to create a sense of connection. A deck that flows from the main home to the outdoors creates a greater sense of welcome and comfort. Vinyl decking can ensure your deck is protected from the elements and resistant to water. Adding railings with colour or glass panels creates a luxurious feel that will elevate your home’s feel.

Deck Builders in Calgary

As one of Alberta’s primer deck builders, Chephren Building Solutions provides high-quality, durable and lasting deck and waterproofing solutions. Their team brings 20 years of experience designing and building high-quality decks at competitive prices. From deck building, coatings, vinyl options, railings and more, their team can handle it all.

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