How do you know if a concrete crack is worth repairing?

One of the most important components of any building is the concrete foundation. When renovating a building of any kind, the walls and subfloors may be opened to make changes. The hidden concrete flooring or foundation walls are prone to have a few cracks here and there, but when is it time to consider a major repair?

Here are some ways of determining whether cracks in concrete are worth repairing, from Arcadia Construction Solutions in Edmonton.

If the foundation is uneven in areas with cracks

Due to weathering or other external sources, cracks in concrete can form without your immediate knowledge. This can cause the foundations of the building to be uneven, ultimately becoming dangerous to the structure and the people within it. If these cracks are left, it leaves the building unstable. For the safety of those around you, filling or repairing the concrete is crucial if the structure has a tilt or serious fracture.

If the building is aged, and past the typical lifespan of concrete

Older buildings are bound to get their fair share of wear and tear. Concrete, depending on the installation, can last for up to 20-60 years before it begins to develop problems. If you are moving into an older home or working in an aged building, it is a problem you will likely encounter. Other components may cause this deterioration process to speed up, including metal components oxidizing near the concrete foundations. Digging up and repairing the concrete may be the way to go, to keep it safe for the future of the building.

If the depth and length of the cracks are large

Small, hairline cracks in concrete foundations can most likely be left alone, or easily filled to avoid problems. However, if the cracks are deep and in great length, repairs or replacement should be considered. If water were to fill the cracks, it would cause the concrete to expand and contract, damaging it further. Replacing the concrete will keep the structure sound, and avoid future damage.

Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

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