How electrical systems and tech improve home access and reliability

The technology surrounding electrical systems is more than just a novel feature. It is part of daily function and convenience. Investing in smart home technology not only makes things easier and safer but can help save money.

CodeRad Electrical Ltd. in Calgary has over 17 years of electrical experience. They share how their upgrades and systems can offer better peace of mind, benefits, and reliability in your home:

Occupancy sensors provide savings

Similar to motion detectors, an occupancy sensor is a more sensitive motion detector. It is installed indoors and used to control lighting, temperature, or even ventilation automatically. Instead of detecting motion, it detects the smallest of movements in a room. The biggest benefit of these is that the system can greatly save on monthly energy bills. The sensor can detect when a person is in a room and keep the lights or temperature on during their stay. Once the room is empty, the sensor will automatically turn off the lights to save energy. The same savings and convenience can also be used in commercial buildings such as offices where energy savings are key. 

Home automation also provides security

Home automation is often thought of with better control over lighting, appliances, electrical systems, and more. Automation aims to make life easier by centrally connecting everything to a single device like a phone or tablet. While that is true, that same automation also applies to better safety and peace of mind. This includes being able to check your doors are locked, for example, or the outdoor lights are on. This tech can also alert you to motion in the home when you’re not there. Some systems can also call the police or fire department if there is an emergency. Every part of adding electrical systems and additions to your home is there to make safety and convenience a package deal.

A guarantee of reliable services

When you work with a trusted company and buy quality brand name products, it comes with a guarantee of its own: reliability. Bargain items may seem tempting when trying to save money, but there’s no guarantee of quality. With brand name products, there’s a set standard of quality, performance, and lifespan fulfillment. Companies like CodeRad Electrical offer more than just electrical services. To ensure your home and experience are top quality, they also offer design and consulting help. That way, the new layout and design of the electrical system will be perfectly created for your needs.

Electricians in Calgary

CodeRad Electrical understands the stress of navigating the electrical industry without the right help or guidance. That’s why their professionals are specialists both in the products they offer and when it comes to designing the right system. For residential and commercial needs, their company is the right choice to choose.

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