How installing a water feature can enhance both the quality of your home and your life

Relax Time In The Garden

Landscaping your backyard is a great way to add both visual value to your home, as well as financial value. However, adding a water feature is also the perfect way to improve your own lifestyle value in addition to your home. The serene sounds and sights of gurgling water can easily create both a visual and physical space to relax.

When you hire a contractor to install a water feature, they will help plan both the perfect location and the type of installation you want. Whether it’s a koi pond, a waterfall feature, or a little fountain, a contractor will guide you through it all. Here are reasons why you should consider installing a water feature in your yard: 

Home improvement value

There are two home improvement value factors to consider when installing a water feature: the financial value and the aesthetic value. From a financial point of view, there is some debate regarding if it actually adds financial value or not. Depending on the neighbourhood, it may skyrocket the value of your home or it may not make any difference. In a neighbourhood where landscaping is expected, a water feature may be just the thing to increase the value.

There is also the aesthetic value to consider—especially to a buyer who loves the fact that there is a water oasis right in their backyard. From an aesthetic value, having any kind of water feature creates an ideal space to spend time in nature. Otherwise, it can create a relaxing space to escape to after a long day at work. Plus, a water feature doesn’t have to mean a full backyard transformation. It can be as simple as a small fountain installation or a miniature pond. Plus, to the right buyer, seeing a water feature will be an investment they will consider well worth paying for.

Lifestyle improvement value

From a lifestyle point of view, there are just as many benefits. Adding a water feature provides the aesthetic benefits to your own life, by creating a serene and eco-friendly environment that you can and want to enjoy. Also, with the variety of different installation options, you can pick one that fits your lifestyle and backyard space. Whether it’s a full-sized koi pond, a pondless waterfall, or something smaller like a patio pond, there are many options available. Even science has proven that overall lifestyle is enhanced by being near to water. Many conducted studies concluded that proximity to water leads an overall increase in mental happiness and calmness. Physically as well, it has found to be relaxing for our muscles and bodies. Check out this list of water feature ideas if you need some kick starter inspiration for a future installation.

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