How much does a home addition cost in Edmonton?

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How Much Will a Home Addition Cost Edmonton Homeowners?

Edmonton homeowners tackling a home addition should not be surprised that the project requires more time and money than a kitchen or bathroom renovation. After all, a home addition is not just a cosmetic change but expands the footprint of a home and often involves contracting with professionals for all aspects of construction. Between design and permitting for the new addition, demolition, construction and putting on those last finishing touches, there is a great deal of planning that goes into the professional execution of a home addition project.

What do homeowners need to realize before starting on a home addition? Learn more about potential costs and factors that may increase expenses for an Edmonton home addition today.

Home Addition Considerations

The overall cost of an addition can vary significantly. As there are many factors that can easily affect the cost, such as the type of space, the need for electrical or plumbing work, and the selection of materials. Edmonton homeowners may need to pay an average of anywhere from $135-$290 per square foot when it comes to their home addition.

Homeowners can get a better idea of how to budget for this project when they first think about their long term goals for their addition. Some objectives for a home addition are:

  • More room;
  • Improved traffic flow; and
  • Increased value of their home.

It is possible to achieve this and more without going over budget. Understand what may be needed before building a home addition to meet specific goals.

Make Planning Easy

Feel more comfortable when going into the pre-planning process for a home addition. The majority of homeowners who have never undertaken a large home renovation project would do well to learn more about certain categories that will impact pricing.

Design Services

Working with a design-build contracting company helps homeowners immensely. They will work with a homeowner to take all their considerations into account when planning an addition, as well as discuss elements that are appropriate within a specific community and alert a homeowner to any necessary changes when reviewing applicable codes and bylaws.

Demolition and Preparation

The demolition of specific structures and site excavation can add to the work involved in a home addition and result in unexpected costs. Those new to constructing a home addition may be surprised that new concrete footings may need to be added to provide the necessary support for the addition. This can add to the expenses of the project and will be influenced by market conditions.

Support Structures

The new addition needs to be secured to the rest of the home. Therefore, there is a need for beams and roof trusses to provide this support for the addition. This step of the construction process requires not only time, but will also impact the cost of this addition.

Mechanical Work

With many home additions, the need to add or change existing electrical components or alter the HVAC system will increase the cost of the project. This will need to be done even with a basic home addition. Permits and licensed contractors are recommended for any updates or changes to existing plumping and electrical components in a home. This is especially important for those who want to protect the value of their home when it comes time to sell.

Interior and Exterior Finishes

Homeowners want to feel comfortable in their new space for years to come. Drywall, flooring, texturing and the thoughtful placement of electrical outlets and lighting go into the interior finishes for a new addition. The home addition also needs to blend seamlessly with the rest of the home, and the costs of windows, light fixtures, insulation and new siding or shingles, will need to be factored into the project.

Know More About Home Addition Costs

Few homeowners are aware of all the factors that come into play when designing and executing a home addition project. That is where a design-build contracting firm can benefit those thinking about a home addition. All areas and costs are considered to create a realistic estimate, helping homeowners budget for their addition and get the best value from the project. When planning an addition to meet specific goals, be sure to think through all aspects to remove unnecessary complications for a smoother construction process.

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