How often should my house cleaners come?

If you’re thinking about investing in professional residential cleaning in Calgary, you’ve made a great choice! You’ll save time, reduce stress, and enjoy a healthy and sparkling clean home.

Calgary Trusted Cleaners offers full-service house cleaning with scheduling that works best for your needs, budget, and preference. So, how often should you have your home cleaned? Here are some things to consider to help you plan your house cleaning schedule.

How often would you clean your own house?

Before hiring house cleaners in Calgary, how often would you clean your home? Most homeowners clean their homes once a week. For example, you might complete all your chores on the weekend or do a few jobs here and there during the workweek. Those cleaning jobs might include sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning the bathrooms. Read more about how often you should clean your house.

Having Calgary Trusted Cleaners come in once a week is ideal. Then, your home gets a thorough clean, and you only have a few minor or tidying tasks to do yourself. However, if once a week doesn’t work for you, you can consider every other week, monthly, or opt for a one-time deep clean each season.

What is your budget?

Determining the frequency of your professional house cleaning in Calgary will help you set a budget. The more often the cleaners come, the higher the cost. In addition, square footage and the specific tasks you require can also impact the cost of your house cleaning.

To help you set a budget, Calgary Trusted Cleaners could come to your home to assess your needs. Then, they’ll help arrange a cleaning schedule that fits your budget and needs.

Will you do some cleaning yourself?

Depending on your schedule and desire, you might choose to do some cleaning tasks yourself (or delegate them to your family members). For example, you might decide to do the vacuuming and moping yourself on weekends and bring in the house cleaners to do the rest. Doing a little housework yourself can help you determine how often you want residential house cleaning.

Or, you might have no desire to do any cleaning at all. If you choose to save your free time, call in the cleaners more regularly to get the job done for you.

How clean do you want your house to be?

Unless you’re going to do some cleaning yourself, you’ll have a cleaner home with more regular visits from Calgary Trusted Cleaners. Monthly cleans work for some homeowners, but if you feel your home will get too dirty and don’t have the time to clean yourself, you might opt for more frequent cleanings.

Calgary Trusted Cleaners offers quality house cleaning in Calgary. They can set up a schedule that works best for your needs and budget. Contact them today!

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